Organizing Tips for Traveling with Kids

January is always a great time for cleaning, organizing, reflection and goal setting. Having a slower month to focus on getting life in order for the new year is something I have really come to appreciate.  I’m excited to kick off a new year of blog hops with an organizational post. As I thought about what tips I could share…something that has really made life a bit easier for me the last year, this simple idea came to mind. Whether you travel near or far, by car or by airplane, I think this time saving tip will come in really handy. It’s a super quick project to tackle yet makes life WAY easier I have found. Hopefully, you will find it helpful too!

traveling with kids

Whenever we are boarding a plane or getting started on a road trip, inevitably I am sitting with the kids and being overloaded with questions and requests for help finding something…all while I am trying to get situated, get out of the aisle, unpack my stuff, organize my carry-on, and get settled myself. This little organizational tip is a piece of a larger, overall travel plan…one which I will tackle in another post, but this is the basic idea that is a serious help.  I thought about what my kids (and I) want most when we are stuck on an airplane. Gum, headphones, a device, a snack, etc. For years I have carried all of the necessities in my backpack, which means every time somebody needs something, I am the go-to. And believe me…they ALWAYS need something and patience is not a virtue most kids have developed! lol! 😉 Being the go-to means that I often feel harried and scatterbrained for the first hour or so of a flight or car-ride until everyone gets settled down.  And then trying to gather all the little things that have fallen into the seat back pockets and been scattered all over the seats as we prepare to arrive is super fun too. 😉

tips for traveling with kids

On an overseas flight a few years ago I was handed this great little pouch full of necessities. A pair of socks, lip balm, mints, etc. and I realized…duh! I should be doing this for myself. I brought home the little pouch I was given and filled it with the following:


-a little pack of tissues

-wipes (I like to clean my seat, armrests, tray table etc. each time I get on the plane)


-a snack


-hair bands


traveling with kids

It also has room for my phone when I get on the flight. This little travel pouch has been a lifesaver! Every time before I leave on a trip, I make sure it’s stocked and ready to go. It’s nice and compact so fits in my backpack or purse easily, and when I get on the plane I simply grab it out of my backpack, slip the backpack under the seat and have this pouch that fits easily in the seat back pocket at my fingertips.

traveling with kids

It keeps everything I might need easily accessible, keeps it collected so it’s not floating around in the seat pocket, and is super easy to grab and go when we’re getting off the plane. 

traveling with kids

I made each of the kids one too. Theirs are a little different than mine with different snacks, no aspirin, etc., tailored to each of their own preferences. It has saved SO much headache. They each have them in their own backpacks and are responsible for all of their own needs while on the plane and getting ready to go. It’s a game changer! Now that they are older, I’ve even put them in charge of making sure their own pack is all ready to go before we leave. I remind them several times and give them a list of what should be in it, bit if they forget something, they are out of luck. It’s been a good way to teach them some responsibility. I’m finally able to get myself situated and relax a little bit. Being organized like this ahead of time has made traveling with kids so much smoother!

Tips for traveling with kids

You can make these organized travel pouches to suit your own needs. You might need a larger pouch for a slightly larger device like a kindle or a book. Maybe something for a small notebook and box of crayons. Make one for each kid and customize it to them. 

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Tips for traveling with kids

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  1. this is such a great idea, I don’t know why I haven’t done it before either. While I usually keep things we will need for the travel in one bag, it makes more sense to give each kid their own to hold and take care of. This way they learn to be responsible for their things and they get to customize their bags to their liking and needs. Thanks for sharing this!


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