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Pom Poms are EVERYWHERE!!  They are decorating pillows, towels, shoes, bags and baskets…you name it, it’s probably got a pom pom on it.  My pom pom maker is probably my favorite crafting tool right now and has been for some time.  From garlands to cupcake toppers, I use pom poms for SO many projects and they are so fun to make!  I’ve been wanting to share some simple pom pom maker instructions here for awhile, but I just bought myself a new toy…a mini tri-pod, lapel microphone and remote, so I thought I’d try and get a bit fancy and make a Pom Pom maker video tutorial. 😉

pom pom maker
(see more of this tween room design here)

Sometimes it is SO much easier to talk about something and SHOW you how to use it rather than taking a million step by step images.  So, without further ado…here is the pom pom maker video:

Isn’t that easy?  I seriously have made SO many of these pom poms.  They are fun for parties, decor, and so much more!

pom pom maker video
(see more of this party here)

Yarn is so inexpensive, that with just a few colors you can make a ton of decor very inexpensively, which is always one of my favorite things. 🙂  Here I made some mini pom poms for cupcake toppers…

pom pom maker video

I found my pom pom makers here:

Medium and Large Pom Pom Maker

Small and Extra Small Pom Pom Maker

Set of all Four Pom Pom Makers

Once you have these mastered, we’ll have some fun making some other DIY projects with them. 🙂

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Happy designing!


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