Washi Tape Craft Ideas : Easy DIY Washi Tape Cake Banner

My baby girl’s birthday is coming up and so I have parties on the brain.  I love cute DIY party ideas, and this one is SO easy, and SO quick, you can make it anytime with just a few supplies.  Washi tape craft ideas are some of the easiest crafts around.  Here’s what you will need to make this easy DIY Washi Tape Cake banner:

washi tape craft ideas


Washi Tape (this is a great, inexpensive set with tons of patterns and colors)

Twine (I used this twine)

2 Paper Straws (This is a super cute set of straws, you could use the star ones for this project)

Scissors (these are my favorites)


  1. Cut two small slits in the top of each straw directly across from each other

washi tape craft ideas

2. Depending on the size of your cake, cut a length of twine for your banner.  My cake was 6″, so I cut the twine about 9″

washi tape craft ideas

3. String the twine through the slits on your straws

washi tape craft ideas

4. Cut strips of Washi tape (about 3-4 inches long), and fold them over the twine sticking each piece to itself…as shown in this picture

washi tape craft ideas

5. Continue to add various sizes and colors of Washi tape strips to your banner until you fill it up… I used colors that matched the sprinkles on the pre-made cake I bought at the grocery store.

washi tape craft ideas

Stick the straws into your cake and you are all set to party!

washi tape craft ideas

You can leave the ends of the pieces of tape as-is, or you can cut them into a V shape like I did here:

washi tape craft ideas

I think that gives the Washi tape banner a more finished look.

It is SO easy to take a store-bought cake and turn it into something spectacular with this simple Washi tape craft idea.  You can make any celebration feel extra special in about 5 minutes.  That is my kind of Washi tape craft!

washi tape craft ideas

washi tape craft ideas

washi tape craft ideas


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Happy Crafting!


Washi tape craft ideas

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