Photography Tips: How to Take Better Pictures of your Party

Here’s a quick photography trick that will add a little brightness to your party table!

Whether you are taking photos indoors or out, most pictures of your party details can benefit from a little bounced light. In photography terms, “bouncing” means placing a reflective surface in the path of your light source, so it reflects some of that light back onto the subject you are photographing.

Bounced light can help minimize dark shadows and creates more even lighting when you have a light source coming from a single angle, such as a window. It can add just a subtle bit of light that can make your photos great! The best part about bounced light is that you can create it at home using simple, cheap materials.

If you don’t have access to a photographer’s reflector, you can do excellent light bouncing using a piece of white poster board or foam core. Purchase poster board or foam core in the brightest white available. Set up your homemade reflector across from your light source, and out of the frame of your picture. I made a free-standing bouncer by folding my poster board in half, and creating a small “foot” for it to lean on. How easy is that?

So next time you begin to photograph all of your party details, try bouncing some light and see the difference it makes for your party pictures!

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