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This post is sponsored by Samsung.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you’ve been following along with our 1987 Fixer Upper then you know it has been a major project modernizing this home. Essentially everything in the house is new…plumbing, electrical, walls, ceilings, doors, you name it…it’s new. 😉 One great thing that gave us the opportunity to do is to create a smart home. We really wanted everything to be as efficient as possible and convenient to access when we were away from home. When Samsung reached out to see if we wanted to try out their Connect Home it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. We installed smart plugs, smart thermostats, a smart doorbell…all kinds of great devices that need strong Wi-Fi signals. We found ourselves running into a bit of a problem with the main Wi-Fi source located in the basement, we had a weak signal in various parts of the house, making some of the smart devices not function like they were supposed to. Enter the Samsung Connect Home. This product doubles as a SmartThings hub and has created a strong corner to corner Wi-Fi system that has eliminated all of our dead zones.
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With the Samsung Connect Home 3-pack we have been able to place these modern, attractive looking hubs throughout the house, enabling a strong Wi-Fi connection in every part of the house.  My office is two floors above our main Wi-Fi connection, tucked back on the opposite side of the house and it was a struggle to get the computer to connect.  That problem was completely eliminated by adding a Samsung Connect Home hub in the office.

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One challenge of purchasing so many different types of Smart Home products, is that they all operate on different systems, have different apps and things to control them and it can become a bit of a digital mess.

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The Samsung Connect Home allows us to manage our Wi-Fi and control all of our compatible smart home devices and appliances through the Connect App which streamlines everything and makes it all easily accessible in ONE spot. We use iOS phones, but the app is compatible with both – Android and iOS phones.  A funny little story about me (and kind of embarrassing) 😉 …EVERY time I use the iron I cannot remember if I turned it off.  I mean EVERY time.  If we leave the house after using the iron, I ALWAYS have to turn around and go back to the house and check to make sure I unplugged it.  It is a very neurotic thing. I admit it! 😉 It also drives John bananas!!  Needless to say, having a Smart Home with Wi-Fi enabled plugs and such is helping save my marriage. 😉 lol!

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It is so convenient to be able to control all of our devices and manage our home right on our smartphones – living in a cold climate now it is really nice to be able to adjust the thermostat when we are out and about.   I love that no matter where we all are in the house we have a strong Wi-Fi connection.

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Whether you are changing the brightness of your lights, creating a secure network access for your guests when they come to visit or just making sure you locked the door on the way out of the house (or maybe turning off the iron 😉 ) it is SO nice to have those capabilities all in one handy spot.  It helps put our minds at ease so much when we are traveling too!

No matter the size of your home Samsung Connect Home is easily expandable. Each router has a range of 1,500 square feet, and you can wirelessly connect up to five Samsung Connect Home devices for mesh network coverage of 7,500 square feet…that covers a lot of house! 😉 It works with hundreds of smart devices and there is no monthly fee.

Do you have spots in your home where the Wi-Fi is weak or non-existent?  

We love having a smart home that is well connected and Samsung Connect Home has made it even better.  



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