Bedroom Makeover Ideas: Ashley’s Bedroom Makeover Before and After Pictures

It’s hard for me to believe that we are approaching the second summer since we bought the 1987 Fixer Upper.  To say that moving across the country, buying a new house, completely remodeling it inside and out, and now decorating it, has been a long road…is an understatement!  It has been a wild ride on a very long road is more like it!  Would I completely renovate a house again…in a heartbeat!  Would I do it while living in it…no way.  Would I do it at the same time I uprooted my family and made them move to a new place AND live in a construction zone…DEFINITELY NOT! lol!  I took Ash with me to the job site up in Midway a few days ago, and let’s just say, she was having some major PTSD walking into that major construction zone.  She told me the smell of and look of it was a little too overwhelming for her…so she spent most of the time in the car…I may have ruined her for life! 😉  Since I shared her bedroom design last week, I thought it wanted to make sure and share the bedroom makeover before and after pictures here too.  I know may of you are here on the blog looking for bedroom makeover ideas, and this is quite the bedroom makeover…so hopefully it will be helpful and fun to see.

Bedroom makevoer ideas


When we bought the 1987 Fixer Upper, the bedrooms were all very utilitarian.  The previous owners had 6 or 7 kids (who are all grown and out of the house now) and many of these rooms were made for sharing, places to do homework and more.  Each of the rooms, Ashley’s was no exception, had these formica desk and and shelf built-in units.  This one, was right in front of the door.  In order to use a chair you would be blocking the entrance into the room. 

DIY bedroom makeover ideas

bedroom makeover before and after

Next to the desk was a very small, walk in closet.  As a matter of fact, every room in this house had one, sometimes two, of these closets.  When I first looked at the house, I didn’t think much of it because they looked small, but fine.  Once I actually thought about it, I realized that empty, they looked fine, but after we put clothes in them they were essentially going to be unusable as walk in closets.  With hangers on either side, it would make it difficult to see what was in them, and next to impossible to actually walk into them…so we started brainstorming other closet options right away. 

bedroom makeover before and after

I knew the built in had to go, and with that coming out anyway, the solution to the closet and built in dilemma was to knock out that wall and create a more standard, albeit longer closet, with sliding doors.  Yes, we lost the “walk-in” closet, which may sound more desirable, but in actuality creating this new 9 foot closet, gave us WAY more closet space AND we added 2 additional feet to the bedroom.  It was a GREAT move in this bedroom makeover before and after! 

Ashleys room before during after

As you may have seen in previous posts about our home remodel, all of the windows needed replacing, so the shutters had to go in order to get her new window in.  This window is HUGE.  It is 7 feet wide by 5.5 feet tall, giving her great views of the mountains towering above outside.  

bedroom makeover before and after

We had the finish carpenters build in some shelving in each of these closets, which is a great place for baskets full of sweaters and toys.

bedroom makeover before and after


Her room in CA has beautiful wainscoting that we had installed by a talented friend who happens to be a finish carpenter.  When we were moving, one of the things she really wanted, was to make sure that her room in UT closely resembled her CA room.  I promised that I would do my best and so wainscoting this bedroom was a must.  This transition was hard and I wanted to make sure it was as smooth for her as possible. I searched for wainscoting ideas for girl’s room ideas and pictures for teenage bedrooms, since I knew she would be wanting something a little more sophisticated as she got a bit older, but I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so I just drew up a pattern. If you are looking for something to really make a room look richer, woodwork is the answer for all your bedroom makeover ideas!  Actually…for any room makeover!  

bedroom makeover before and after

We wrapped the room with it.  The finished height of this wainscoting is about 60 inches.  I am a sucker for some tall, dramatic woodwork.

bedroom makeover before and after

While this woodwork is a little more involved, you can definitely find simpler wainscoting ideas that are just as gorgeous.  If you are handy, woodwork might be the perfect answer for great DIY bedroom makeover ideas. You can invest in a miter saw and learn how to make a few simple cuts, which makes it possible to add lots of pretty detail to a bedroom.

bedroom makeover before and after

While the process of this bedroom makeover (along with the rest of the house) seemed to take forever, the end result was well worth the wait!  Ash loves her new room and it is so much more functional than it was before.  We just completed the final touches on decorating this bedroom makeover, you can see it all put together here, so the before and after are officially complete!

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Trim and Doors  – FJP Building Supply

Carpet – Shaw through Costco

Finish Carpenters – DC Carpentry



Doors: Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams

Walls: Repose Gray at 25% by Sherwin Williams

Trim and Wainscoting: High Reflective White by Sherwin Williams

Happy Designing!



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Bedroom makevoer before and after

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