Mexican Fiesta Themed Party Centerpiece Ideas

It’s no secret that I love tacos and guacamole and fiestas and mariachi bands…you get the idea. 😉 For Andy and Victoria’s wedding celebration I HAD to do a fiesta theme. The bright colors, the food, the music…it was just too perfect. The challenge for me with this party was to make sure that I was doing it in a sophisticated way. Beautiful Mexican weddings style…not a crazy Cinco de Mayo or birthday fiesta style, if that makes sense.  Whenever I’m planning a party I start by searching Pinterest for ideas and with a sketch pad in hand. I am a very visual learner and planner and I need to have spatial relationships all planned out. I want to know just how many guest tables and food tables etc. I am going to need, before I can start planning for things like table decor and other party decorations. The tables are always a main focus at a wedding reception, so coming up with great Mexican themed centerpiece ideas was a must for this party. 

mexican themed centerpiece ideas

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I put this party together in fairly short order because I was in Utah up until just 12 days before the event, which meant I couldn’t be ordering party supplies or anything even related until right before the party. One of the challenges I had when trying to plan for the perfect Mexican themed centerpieces, was what the rest of the table was going to look like. I initially thought about using giant tissue paper flowers as a centerpiece like I did for this party, but eventually settled on using real flowers in lieu or something like faux succulents or paper flowers this time since it was a wedding (although I have used both real and faux succulents before for other fiestas and they are great!) First, I had to determine what different colors I was going to work with. 

mexican themed centerpiece ideas

I reached out to my friend and favorite florist Posey Pop and we came up with a color scheme. I asked her to mix in some richer bougainvillea type colors to an otherwise bright and cheery color palette to give it a little more depth. We also opted for terracotta vases to bring in more of that Mexican pottery feel. 

mexican themed centerpiece ideas

I knew I wanted to use blue patterned tablecloths on each table to bring in more color rather than just working with a white base. I had a moment of panic when the tablecloths I had wanted to use arrived three days before the event and were much shorter than the website description had given. YIKES! I was scrambling to find something else to work with and once I finally found the perfect solution, they only had three in stock…and I needed 7. I quickly pivoted and ordered the three round tablecloths that were available, and then spent the night before the reception turning a rectangular tablecloth into a table runner …actually two tablecloths into four table runners. The centerpieces became even more crucial at this point because they became the unifying element on the tables. 

mexican themed centerpiece ideas

Real flowers are just stunning and I knew they would be such gorgeous centerpieces, but I wanted to add a bit more of a fiesta decoration to each table. The food was going to be buffet style with the taco guy coming, so there wasn’t going to be a pretty place setting at each seat and I wanted the centerpieces to fill the table just a bit more. While not traditional Mexican party supplies, these super cute votive holders added a pretty antique looking touch to each table and brought in more blue, especially for those tables that ended up with just runners and not full tablecloths. I also whipped up an easy DIY with these darling plain wood maracas that the kids had so much fun painting and decorating. 

mexican themed centerpiece ideas


I loved the way these tables and their centerpieces turned out. They were so pretty and elegant! I get that not every party needs real flowers and let’s face it, the regular price of flowers these days is kind of pricey, so here are some other fun ideas for Mexican themed centerpiece ideas for your parties and family gatherings.

  • A decorative basket full of tortilla chips would look cute and do double duty as a centerpiece and an appetizer
  • A sombrero 
  • A potted succulent with Mexican flags or a papel picado flag stuck in it
  • A small glass vase full of peppers
  • Candles
  • Mini Pinatas

Be sure to check out this fiesta to see how awesome some tissue paper flowers and streamers can look as a centerpiece too! Mexican fiesta party decorations can be as fun and easy as putting brightly colored daisies and cactus into cans.  I bought a few Mexican food items like enchilada sauce and green chiles in cans and emptied out the cans to use as vases.  These cans make such cute Mexican themed party centerpieces! 

mexican fiesta party decorations

The mix of colors and sizes with the flowers and cactus look great on a colorful table.  And the best part is you don’t need to be a florist to make them look fabulous! I added these fun fiesta flags to each can of flowers to add a little height to each Mexican themed party centerpiece and make them look even more festive. Creating inexpensive decorations and DIYing party decor is one of my favorite things to do! 

I hope you love these Mexican themed centerpiece ideas and are looking forward to hosting your own fiesta soon! If you are looking for tons of great tips for entertaining and more fun party ideas make sure you check out these posts:

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mexican themed centerpiece ideas

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