Easy DIY Spider Wreath for Halloween

If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you know that I love to make stuff.  But I also don’t have much patience when it comes to making things.  lol!  That means that most of my projects are super easy and usually utilize some sort of pre-made something or other.  I often walk down the aisles of the craft store and see things pre-made items that I think could be turned into something completely different and used for another purpose.  That is exactly how this easy DIY spider wreath for Halloween came about.  I was at the craft store and found this pre-made fall wreath.  Only to me…all I could see was something much more sinister.  Spider eggs.  Gross, I know.  But also perfect for Halloween. 😉

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DIY spider wreath for halloween

I think my absolute fear of spiders leads me to create all kinds of spider themed Halloween projects every year.  It makes sense, right?  Halloween is supposed to be scary and to me, spiders are about the scariest thing ever…well, next to snakes. 😉 You put a spider on just about anything and to me it says “ta-da! Halloween!” 😉

spider wreath DIY

The best part about this wreath?  It uses three things…and you don’t even need any adhesive!  Which means, that when Halloween is over, you can simply strip off the spiders and you have a plain fall wreath again for Thanksgiving.  It’s a two for one. 😉

Materials needed for a DIY spider wreath


how to make a DIY spider wreath for halloween step 1


This DIY Spider Wreath is so easy.  Seriously.  Simply spread some of the spiderweb over the wreath.  If you’ve ever worked this type of web before you know it is easy to get it caught on just about everything, so it will stick to the wreath no problem.  Just pull and tuck it in around the sticks and berries.  Once you have a thin layer of web covering the wreath, add in some small plastic spiders.  Just get them caught in the web and they should stick also.  Finally, add the larger spider to the bottom right hand side of the wreath.  Mine stuck just by catching it in the web, but if you need to, you can use a little bit of thread or adhesive to tie or stick the spider on.  If you do end up using adhesive though you might not be able to re-use the wreath for other things.  Just a heads up.

how to make a DIY spider wreath for halloween step 2

DIY spider wreath step 3

Did I tell you it was easy or what?  It literally takes less than 5 minutes.  And I think it looks pretty darn cute too…if I do say so myself. 😉

I hope you enjoy making this fun spider wreath.

diy spider wreath step 4

diy spider wreath step 5

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diy spider wreath

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Happy Crafting!



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4 thoughts on “Easy DIY Spider Wreath for Halloween”

    • Hi Kayla!
      I found mine at Michaels. I haven’t been in a few weeks, but I bet they have their Halloween decor out now! I hope that helps! 🙂

  1. LOVE this! Got my big spider at Michael’s along with some purple LED string lights…couldn’t find a white berry wreath so improvised with one of Michael’s grapevine wreaths and used cotton balls as the “egg sacs”…wrapped in the webbing and did not need any glue as the web truly holds everything together…thx for the idea!!


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