Halloween Parties: DIY Party Decorations: The Halloween Wall Paper

I LOVE Halloween.  This year I’ve been a little bit of a slacker so far as far as decorating goes, but last year…I had some fun! 🙂  I threw a little shin-dig (more about that later 😉 ) and I wanted to do something really special…a show stopping feature.  I decided on a Haunted Hospital theme and decided that it would be REALLY cool to do some sort of wall treatment.  Then I had this idea…

Now I’m not going to lie…this was a bit time consuming. 🙂  It probably took me 3 hours to complete…but not bad for the result I think. 😉  If you are feeling so inclined…here’s how to re-create this look.

I found a pdf for an antique medical book online and downloaded it. The pages of this book were about 5×7, so I measured my wall and calculated out how many pages I would need to print.  I bought a ream of cream colored printed paper (about $4 at my local office supply store) then printed out about 250 sheets.  I cut them down to size leaving a bit of a margin on each side so that I could tape them together in a big strip the length of the wall.  Once I had enough taped together, I taped them to the wall strip by strip.  It didn’t hurt the wall at all and it stayed up really well.  It was a cinch to take down too.  So, if you’re feeling like transforming your wall, try this technique.  It’s super fun! 🙂

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