The Best Easter Basket Ideas for a teenage girl (and tweens)

Easter is right around the corner and every year as the kids get older, it gets a bit harder to come up with something fun for their Easter Baskets.  We have three rounds of company coming over the next few weeks (yay!!),  so I am being proactive this year and have put together Ashley’s basket ahead of time.  Last year I found myself wandering the near empty aisles of Target, late on Saturday night before Easter, scrounging for whatever was left…not this time!  If you are like me and looking for the best Easter basket ideas for a teenage girl or tween girl, I hope this Easter basket ideas guide is a help! 🙂 I have included affiliate links for your convenience.  Even better, if you order most of these things now, you can have your Easter basket all finished and everything delivered to your doorstep.  Now that is my kind of Easter basket shopping! 😉

Easter Basket Ideas for Teenage Girl

1. There are so many fun things on this list that I want!  Maybe I should call this the “Easter basket ideas for teenage girl…or grown woman” list. lol!  Maybe I just need to grow up, who knows! 😉  I don’t know about the teenage girls in your house, but Ash is starting to be all about things smelling good and looking cute.  She is ALWAYS stealing my body spray, candles and lotions, so, I got her some of her very own.  These candles are delicious!  I want to eat them.  If your daughter likes to burn a candle in her room, a trick I like to use is to get a big hurricane glass to put it in.  It makes me feel better about it.  Or, if you are worried about the whole candle burning thing all together, a reed diffuser, like this adorable flower bouquet, is a great alternative.  They look pretty, smell great and are much safer! 😉

2. Have you seen these 52 lists journals?  They are just beautiful and this happiness one is my favorite.  A great, positive little journal for her.

3. Fancy chocolate is always a hit.

4. These cute hair ties and trendy headbands are pretty and practical.  I don’t know about you guys, but we go through these things so fast!

5. This putty is the coolest.  If you have a slime lover, this putty will blow their minds!  Ash carries a little tin of this stuff with her in her purse.  I think she uses it as a stress reliever!  It is stretchy and soft and changes color…SO cool!

6. Penguin face masks?  Yes, please!  These are adorable and actually work!

7. Yummy lotion from the makers of one of my favorite candle companies.  Now maybe I’ll be stealing her lotion instead of her stealing mine! 😉

8. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Since moving to this super dry place, we find ourselves carrying water with us EVERYWHERE!  If your girl isn’t a regular water drinker, maybe having a pretty bottle to carry it around in will help her drink more.

9. I love these cute chocolate carrots, and every Easter Basket needs some candy, right?

10. I always love to give pens…especially good ones.  These are fun and colorful and really a great set of pens.

11. Well, it looks like I liked this phone case SO much I gave it two numbers! 😉 . But seriously, I have one of these cases myself and get compliments on it everywhere.  She is sure to love it too.

12. Some yummy smelling facial wipes are inexpensive and a good filler.

13. Cute flip flops for only $5.00?  I’ll take two!  There are some of the cutest patterns available.

15. I know I am partial to everything that Rifle Paper Co. does, but honestly, how cute are their notebooks?  I always carry a small notebook with me and these are adorable!

16. This is just the cutest “basket” . It’s actually a tote and perfectly cute but sophisticated too, just perfect for a teenage girl.  They come in tons of colors too, so if you’re teenager doesn’t love pink ears, you can find something perfect for her.


Speaking of baskets, I don’t know about you guys, but I started getting kind of tired of storing Easter baskets all year.  They are big and bulky and hard to store.   Why not think outside the box…or basket ;)…and get something that can double as cute storage in their room?  That’s one of the reasons I love the above tote.  You can use it again, use it as a gift bag for a gift later on, and it stores flat! 🙂  This galvanized wire option would be cute.  This cute version has copper handles.  These bushel baskets are fun too.  You can even paint them if you want to do something colorful or a bit handmade.

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Happy Easter shopping!


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