Colorful Halloween Party Candy Buffet Ideas

When you think of Halloween colors, black and orange are usually the first to come to mind, but Halloween party ideas don’t always have to revolve around those colors.  Having a girly-girl has definitely taught me that non-traditional colors and Halloween party ideas make for equally fun and pretty parties.  I put together these colorful Halloween party candy buffet ideas and tips for you so you can see that colorful can be pretty scary too.  I love the subtle creepiness of this set up.  If you have ever wondered how to make a candy buffet for a party, here are all the candy buffet tips you need to know for setting up your own Halloween party candy buffet.

Pretty scary


Choose a Color Scheme for Your Candy Buffet

Candy buffets are always a hit at ANY party or get-together.  Candy buffets are a great option for a party favor.  It is fun for guests to make their own mix of candy, and they double as great decor for any party. The first thing to do when creating a candy buffet table is to choose your color scheme.  It may not look like I went with a theme here, but if you look closely, you’ll see that I mainly stuck with orange, pink and green candies to match the flowers I wanted to create.

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Candy can get expensive, so budget is a huge determining factor for choosing the candy for your candy buffet table.  For these Halloween party candy buffet ideas, I went with bulk candy sold by the pound.  You can often find these loose candies (often the gummy variety) sold on Amazon for a lot less that in stores.  Other options for items to include on your candy buffet table include handmade themed desserts/sweets and individually wrapped pieces of candy.   I often will add a slightly more expensive, specialty candy like these because they add great color and texture and feel more unique.

For client parties I usually like to use a variety of these three types of treats so that they create an elaborate display.  For simpler gatherings like this halloween party candy buffet I made, I just used bulk loose candy so that guests can help themselves to a few scoops.

Amazon is usually my go-to resource for candy for smaller candy buffet tables, as they are reliable and have high-quality candy in a wide variety of colors.

diy halloween candy buffet

halloween candy buffet table ideas


Buying the right amount of candy for your party candy buffet can be a tricky thing to figure out, so here is a general rule of thumb.  Purchase 8 oz of candy for each guest. Many loose candies are sold in 5lb (or 80oz) bags.  Each bag would be enough for roughly 10 guests.  So, when you are planning your candy buffet table, be sure to think about how many different types of candy you want to feature, and order accordingly.  Sometimes you can find 1 lb or 2 lb bags of candy so you can offer a bigger variety.

candy buffet ideas


Your candy buffet table is a major focal point of your party serving as decor, an activity at the party, and a party favor.  You want to make sure that the candy you have chosen is displayed in a way that gives you the most bang for your buck.  For our Halloween party candy buffet I ordered beakers and flasks that went with our Halloween party ideas, and I added in a few apothecary jars I had for height and interest.  You want to use clear glass so guests can see each of the candies, and you want to vary the sizes and shapes of the containers.  For this Halloween candy buffet table, I also thought the test tubes were fun containers here are some similar tubes that are food safe.  Be sure to have scoops like these on hand too, so guests to serve themselves.  I usually have pretty bags like these for guests to use.  They are inexpensive and are reminiscent of the types of bags you get in specialty candy stores.

candy buffet ideas

This candy table buffet is for a small movie night, so I used a smaller table.  I love this acrylic table that I found at HomeGoods because it looks modern and lets the candy be the star.  The pretty but creepy bust in a halloween mask was another awesome HomeGoods find.

how to make a candy buffet

Adding the spiders was a simple touch that upped the creepy factor of this candy buffet table by 1000%.  I wanted them all over the walls and floor so that it seemed like it was really infested with spiders.  This simple touch helps balance the prettiness of the table display.

candy buffet table tips

I had fun trying my hand at creating these pretty flowers for the table too.  Flowers make everything better!

candy buffet ideas and tips

halloween candy buffet ideas

I hope these candy buffet ideas and tips have you excited to create your own candy buffet table for your next party.  They really are an easy and super fun DIY party idea.  Here is another fun candy buffet I put together for a Halloween hospital themed party.

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