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Pink and Mint Green. That color combo always makes me laugh. When I was 9 years old I started in the party planning business. My parents were going to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary not long after my birthday…(hello honeymoon baby!) and I talked my grandma into helping to throw them a surprise anniversary party. I remember asking my mom about her wedding only to find out that her colors had been pink and mint green. I thought it was disgusting. HA! I remember making fun of that for years. Well, here I am, years later…after I wised up…showing off my daughter’s Baptism reception in none other than a pink, mint green and gold color scheme. It has come full circle. 😉 I’ve decided that it wasn’t the color combo that was offensive, it was the mint green tuxes with ruffled shirts that was the problem. Gotta love the 70s!! 🙂

baptism party bridal shower baby shower ideas party ideas

Posey Pop did an amazing job with the flowers a usual. I wanted to incorporate some succulents into the arrangements and they could not have turned out more beautifully! I also made more of my favorite glitter votives. Check out the tutorial so you can see how easy it is to make your own! 🙂

baptim 1

baptism cake insta 2

baptism party ideas

Shop the items used to create this party here:

baptism cake

I called on beansylovescake to make a replica of a cake I had seen online. It was not only gorgeous, but delicious to boot. The rest of the dessert table included cookies by my favorite cookie lady Lizy B Bakes She is seriously amazing. I can describe anything to her and she turns it into a work of art…in cookie form! I hand dipped some rice krispie treats in pink chocolate, made some strawberry mousse, and we were all set with sweets.

gold sticker polka dot drink bottles DIY how to video tutorial pink peppermint prints

Iam a child of God insta

This “I am a Child of God” picture was another easy DIY project. I sprayed an old black frame and mat with some gold #Krylon spray paint, then added a finish coat of their #Krylon Glitter Blast Gold Spray Paint. For the print, I created the text in photoshop, printed it out in light gray on white paper, then used a paint brush to brush on white glue over the text…copying it exactly. One it was covered in glue, I glittered it with my favorite #MarthaStewart Glitter.

baptism cake dessert table set up party et up

baptism party bridal shower pink gold and mint

beautiful diy baptism christening blessing first communion party with pink gold and mint

ctr cookies pink and green sugar cookies

pink gold and mint baptism first communion party with succulent arrangements bridal shower birthday party baby shower

pink and gold baptism party with hints of mint green

Because the baptism was taking place at the church and then everyone was coming over immediately after to eat, I needed the food to be something yummy and easy…already made and ready to go. I decided on a picnic style take-out box for each guest. I ordered a variety of sandwiches from Togos, made some fruit salad which I packaged in individual containers, and bought bags of chips at Costco. Each take out box had a sandwich, fruit, chips, napkins and a fork in it. I then tied each box up with a strip of Michael Miller fabric. There were three different patterns/colors of fabric…each one determined whether the sandwich inside was turkey, ham or roast beef so people could choose what they preferred. Of course I had to decorate the boxes a bit too. 😉

cute take out picnic lunch ideas

take out boxes picnic lunch

pink and gold baptism party with hints of mint green

pink gold and mint baptism first communion party with succulent arrangements bridal shower birthday party baby shower


The tables were set with white tablecloths and white ruffled table skirts that I had made.  I made table runner and napkins out of all the coordinating Michael Miller fabrics.

The backdrop of the dessert table is a giant Hobby Lobby Canvas (bought at 40% off of course!)  I cut circles out of gold scrapbook paper and taped them to the back so that I could re-use the canvas for other parties.

baptism dessert table full

baptism dessert table overhead

This was definitely my favorite DIY from this party.  The gold polka dot drinking bottles.  I am IN LOVE with them!  Here’s another quick and easy tutorial to show you how to make those.  Here are affiliate links to the straws and square plastic bottles so you can find them easily.

gold polka bottles

gold sticker polka dot drink bottles DIY how to video tutorial pink peppermint prints

Iam a child of God insta

baptism cake dessert table set up party et up

It was such a fun and special day for our family.  If you’re looking for other fun party ideas, check out some of my other kid’s parties here:

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Have a great day!


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14 thoughts on “Entertain: Pink, Gold and Mint Baptism Party”

    • Hi Dolly!
      The canvas has wood slats across the back of it, so I tethered it to the legs of the table and anchored it into the ground behind the table with some tent stakes. 🙂 Sometimes I have to get creative! 😉 Have a great day!

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I am going to incorporate into my daughters First Hoky Communion. I am going to purchase the plastic bottles and DIY gold dots. The very pretty lemonade containers in the back….where did you get those?

    • Hi Michelle!
      Thank you SO much! Those lemonade bottles are from Trader Joes. It’s something the carry regularly, so they should have them for you. 🙂
      Have a wonderful celebration!

  2. This was a beautiful dreamy party! I’ve been trying to decide on a backdrop for my daughter’s first birthday and I like your idea of using a giant canvas that can be reused for other events! What size canvas is this?

  3. I would love to print out your sign “I am a child of God”. I love the gold and the font and cannot figure out how to make it. Do you offer a print that I can buy?

  4. this is beautiful , where did you get the canvas , i made a pac pipe stand for backdrops but im wodering where to buy the backdrops from , is it a curtain , fabric ?

    • Hi Genesis!
      This backdrop is actually a real painter’s canvas (wood frame and all) that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. If you google photography backdrops you can find a ton of online shops that sell backdrops that would work with your PVC frame though! I hope that helps! 🙂


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