DIY: How to Make Paper Rosettes

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You’ve probably noticed that I use paper rosettes a lot.  I love them!!  They dress everything up from favors to walls.  I love that you can make them in minutes with very few supplies and in just about any size or color you need.  I thought it was about time I put up a tutorial so you can make your own! 🙂

Here’s what you’ll need:
12×12 sheet of scrapbook paper
1 inch circle cut from construction paper (this won’t be seen from the front so it can be cut from a scrap piece of paper)
Glue (you can use a glue stick, but a hot glue gun is faster and easier)
and embellishment for the front (button, heart cut out of paper etc.)

ribbon rosette supplis and tutorial

paper rosette 0

paper rosette 1

paper rosette 2

paper rosette 4

paper rosette 5

paper rosette 6

paper rosette 7


Paper rosette 7 1024x10242

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