DIY: How to Make Coffee Filter Banner

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When I hosted the Nancy Drew party for my daughter this summer, I made a quick and easy coffee filter banner.  It’s super easy and would be so cute as a Christmas banner!  The best part about these is that they are inexpensive, easy and can be made with just about anything.  It’s all about the layers, so use what you have and it will be pretty!  I’ve made mine with coffee filters, scrapbook paper, cupcake liners and chipboard letters.  If you want to make one just like mine, here’s what you’ll need:

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Coffee Filters (they come in natural and white, I used natural)

Paper Rosettes (make these using this tutorial) and your choice of scrapbook paper.  I cut 3 inch by 12 inch strips of paper for my rosettes to fit the coffee filters)

Cupcake Liners (to match your scrapbook paper and party/decor colors)

Chipboard letters (I bought some antique letters from a local antique store, and some scrapbook letters that I coated with Elmer’s glue and Martha Stewart glitter, but you can use any letters you like)

Hot Glue Gun

Twine or Ribbon

Mini Clothespins

I wanted my coffee filters to be reminiscent of old book pages since it was a book themed party, so I hand wrote on mine the titles of some Nancy Drew books to give it that look.

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I also double up my coffee filters so that they are a little sturdier.  Just glue two together with your glue gun.  Then layer your banner letters as follows:

coffee filters, paper rosettes

banner 3

then cupcake liners (you can fin tons of cute patterned ones at Michaels…

banner 2

finally, add your chipboard letter…

banner 9

banner 1

banner 4

banner 7

lay out your ribbon or twine (don’t cut it yet) and lay your banner letters out and space them the way you want them to hang before you cut your twine to make sure you cut the right length.  Hang your twine, and attach your letters to the twine with the mini clothespins.  It works best wih two per letter.

nancy 22

nancy 23

so easy, right?  Here’s another one I made for a birthday party awhile back.  I used doilies in place of paper rosettes for that one.  Have fun layering and exploring what looks fun together!

Happy crafting!



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