Entertain: ‘Til Death– A Sophisticated Halloween Inspired Wedding

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When Shana of Society Sweets contacted me early in September with an idea to style a shoot to feature some of her amazing Halloween desserts, I was so excited!  I typically throw a big Halloween party of some sort…either a big carnival for my neighborhood, or an adult Halloween bash…but this year I didn’t have any particular plan in place.  The simple shoot quickly grew into something more when we started talking about locations.  We had both recently just been to a Hearth Gathering Dinner at RJ Imports in San Juan Capistrano, and I had left totally inspired.  I had been there many times before, but always to shop.   When I attended the dinner in July, I saw it in a different light, as an AMAZING venue for a wedding!  Shana contacted the super nice owners and asked I they might be willing to let us do a shoot there and it was on!  I rounded up a few of my other faves (Posey Pop, Brittany Gharring, Kimberlee Miller and Cherished Rentals) and we had a wedding shoot on our hands!  I hope you enjoy what we created!

I created a few paper goods, including this invitation.  The whole idea I was going for with the overall look, was Hauntingly Beautiful.  Elegant and sophisticated…ideas that could be taken and used by real brides for real weddings, but just add a little eerie factor for the fun of Halloween.  I think these invitation were a nice compliment to that sophisticated look.

halloween wedding 29 halloween party

I wanted the color scheme of the whole event to be black and white…and I asked Posey Pop to let the flowers bring in all of the fabulous fall colors.  She more than delivered!

halloween wedding 35
halloween wedding 67 halloween wedding 72 halloween wedding 73 halloween wedding 78 halloween wedding 79 halloween wedding 158 halloween wedding 9066 halloween wedding 9188

Shana continued the black and white theme with the dessert table.  Chocolate sugar cookies hand-stamped with skeletons, black candied apples, fudge with homemade marshmallows, death by chocolate cupcakes, and a black and white cake. I added a simple runner made with black doilies that I found at Michaels.  It was a great addition to the rustic dessert table.

halloween wedding 9 halloween party halloween wedding 20 halloween wedding 38 halloween wedding 41 halloween wedding 42 halloween wedding 46 halloween wedding 67 halloween wedding 79 halloween wedding 81 halloween wedding 83 halloween wedding 84-1 halloween wedding 94 halloween wedding 205 halloween wedding 351

There were a couple of easy DIY projects I did for this shoot.  One was the muslin runner on the table.  I simply tore a 12″ wide strip of muslin and then ran a very loose straight stitch down each side so that I could pull the thread and gather it to create a ruffle.  SO simple and it was really pretty!

halloween party halloween wedding 33

halloween party halloween wedding 9210-2 hallowen wedding 75

The pumpkins are on of my favorite elements.  They definitely add a “fall/Halloween” touch, and the graphic black and white really played well off of the more wild, colorful flowers.  It was a super easy project too!  Just paint or dip pumpkins in black paint, and while it’s still wet, sprinkle with black glitter.  Let dry and you’re done!

halloween wedding 27
halloween wedding 31
halloween wedding 36
halloween wedding 48
halloween wedding 52
halloween wedding 63
halloween wedding 72
halloween wedding 73
halloween wedding 114

I also wanted to bring a little more texture into the black and white color scheme, so I bought a few fabrics with varying patterns and ripped them into 3″ strips and then sewed them together to make a garland.  I draped the garland behind the dessert table and over the bride’s and groom’s chairs.  I also made his and hers silhouette banners to hang on the chairs at the table.

halloween wedding 28  halloween wedding 91

halloween wedding 98

halloween wedding 133

halloween wedding 35

halloween wedding 256 copy

The escort cards are quick and easy too.  Chalkboard tags with vintage keys and a few rhinestones.

halloween wedding 9356-2 halloween wedding 9363-2 halloween wedding 9370-2 halloween wedding 9422 halloween wedding 9463-2

and then there were the models…they were the icing on the cake.  Gorgeous girls that brought life into the pictures.  Brittany Gharring perfectly captured the look I wanted with eerie beauty.  She is amazing!

halloween wedding 279

halloween wedding 174

halloween wedding 303

halloween wedding 124

halloween wedding 199

halloween wedding 348

halloween wedding 233

halloween wedding 120-1

halloween wedding 225

halloween wedding 311

halloween wedding 204 halloween wedding 194

Ok, sorry for the millions of pictures.  I was just SO in love with this shoot!

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I hope you have a great day!

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3 thoughts on “Entertain: ‘Til Death– A Sophisticated Halloween Inspired Wedding”

  1. Beautifull table arrangement. Love the crooked black bone metal? tabletop candelabras. Are these available for purchase anywhere?
    Any information on these would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • Hello! Those candelabras are my favorite halloween decoration! I’m so glad you love them. Unfortunately I bought them years ago on clearance at Pottery Barn, but I think that World Market might carry something similar now. It would be worth checking! 🙂 I hope that helps! 🙂


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