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What are you having for dinner tonight?  Every Halloween I do a traditional dinner for the kids and it’s become a favorite that they look forward to each year.  I know that Halloween is a super hectic day, so this is purposely easy to put together.  As a matter of fact, it can all be store bought if you are just feeling to overwhelmed to make anything from scratch.  Our favorites:  Ribs (bucket  bones), Chicken Wings (bat wings),  Creepy Crudites (veggies and fruit),  Finger food (breadsticks with sliced almonds on the tips to make them look like finger nails),  Poison Punch, Terrible Treats,  and Guacamoldy withorange and Black Tortilla chips.

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finger food

spicy bat wings

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poison punch

bucket o bones

halloween dinner menu ideas

terrible treats

creepy crudites


I’m sure you can come up with some even more creative ideas, but I hope these inspire you to create a fun tradition with your family this Halloween.

Have a wonderful, fun and safe Halloween!



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Halloween dinner ideas

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