The Best DIY Butter Slime Recipe Made With Clay (No Borax)

I have never understood the reason to have a basement…until the slime craze hit.  If you could see the basement kitchen-turned slime making factory in our house, you too would understand. 😉 Ash has always loved having a shop…a lemonade stand, cookie business, you name it, she has done it.  Lately she has been making slime and selling it to kids at school and in the neighborhood.  I am no slime expert, but apparently she is pretty good at it because she has been selling a ton…enough that she has order forms and a wait list of up to a week. lol!  That’s my girl! 😉 Since I’ve been supplying her with glue, she agreed to share her best butter slime recipe with with me.  Of all the slime varieties she makes, this is the most popular and (I think) the prettiest. (affiliate links are included in this post)

best butter slime recipe

The basic ingredients of most DIY slime (made without borax), are glue, shaving cream and contact solution.  The secret behind Ashley’s best butter slime recipe is the clay.  When she first started making her DIY slime recipe she wanted to add food coloring, which to me sounded like a bad idea. Kids working with food coloring = Mom’s worst nightmare,  in my mind!  So, she got creative and started using clay which I was much more comfortable with.  The result of using a DIY slime recipe with clay is not only a more vibrant color, (and less stress for you!) but also a creamier, stretchier finished slime product.  It’s totally awesome!

best butter slime recipe ingredients

If you have a budding slime scientist on your hands, and are looking for the perfect activity to do with your kids, here is Ashley’s best butter slime recipe with all her tips to make it the perfect smooth and creamy consistency.

how to make butter slime step 1


White Craft Glue  (this is the best price we have found on glue. On occasion you can find it in a store like Target or Walmart on sale, but consistently, this is bar far the best value)

Shaving Cream (Ash uses barbasol and you can find it for under $1.50 a can in most supermarkets)

Contact Solution


Lotion (you don’t have to use scented if you are sensitive to smell)

best butter slime recipe step 2

**A word about clay.  The most common clay to use in these butter slime recipes is this model magic clay.  However, Ash mainly uses this awesome clay.  It comes in a TON of colors and is fun to use on it’s own to make clay figurines.  It’s really cool stuff.**


-Using a large mixing bowl, add 1/2 Cup of white craft glue and 1/2 cup of foaming shaving cream and 1 tsp of scented lotion.  (She uses all different flavors from Bath and Body Works, my personal favorite is peppermint.)  Stir these three ingredients together.

-Add 1 TBS of Contact Solution to the mixture and stir.

-At this point (according to Ashley) you will want to alternate adding 1 TBS of shaving cream and 1 TBS of contact solution until you get a soft, still fairly sticky, slime.

-Measure out 1/4 C of modeling clay and break it into small pieces

-Turn the slime onto a plastic cutting board (she uses these) and add your bits of clay slowly to the mixture, working it into the slime and pulling it like taffy and kneading it to get the color worked into the slime mixture.

-Once all of the clay is worked in, you should have a vibrant, sweet smelling, soft and pliable slime.

This slime will stay good for quite some time, but it needs to be kept in an air tight container.  These are the containers Ashley prefers.  They are the perfect size to hold the amount of slime this recipe makes.

best butter slime recipe step 3

best butter slime recipe step 4

Isn’t that pretty?  She has been having even more fun lately adding special mix-ins to the slime.  These cute fruit shapes are a fun addition, as are these tiny styrofoam balls.  Chunky glitter is fun for a princess slime, and this stuff is the COOLEST!!  It makes your slime glow in the dark.  There are so many fun varieties of slime to try…you can make it with clear glue, borax, detergent, baking soda…the list goes on and on, but after a TON of experimenting, this really is the best butter slime recipe and overall best slime recipe to play with.  I hope you enjoy it!

best butter slime recipe step 5

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Happy Crafting!



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