Layered Drinks Tutorial : How to Make multi colored party drinks that will amaze!

Are you looking for a show-stopping idea for your 4th of July party this year? These layered drinks are incredible looking and easy as can be to make. It is absolutely as simple as pouring three pre-made, store bought drinks into a container or glass. Think you can handle it? 😉

layered drinks

Isn’t that cool? This layered drinks recipe can be made with any colors to coordinate with any event.  You are guaranteed to have people impressed guests and people asking you how you did it.  It’s all pretty simple actually. It all has to do with the layered drinks density. It is basic physics…mass/density related.  The more sugar, the heavier the liquid. So, lighter liquids can actually sit on top of the more dense liquid. COOL!!! Here’s what you’ll need:

For the bottom layer: a super sugary drink…I used cranberry juice…a ton of sugar…the sugar makes it heavy.  Pick something sugary in the color you need.

Middle layer: something colorful with a little less sugar…think Gatorade. I used blue Gatorade, but it comes in TONS of colors so you can have fun with it. 🙂

Top layer: a diet soda with NO sugar. Sprite or 7UP for it’s clear color works wonderfully!


Move your drink dispenser or glasses to where you want them to sit for the party and fill them there.  You don’t want to be moving them around much once you fill them.

Now, for the fun part. Fill your drink dispenser or individual glasses with plenty of ice. Pour your most sugary drink in to fill up about 1/3 third of your glass/dispenser.  Now on to the second layer. You don’t want to pour the next color directly into the dispenser or glass.  You want it to gently come to a rest on the bottom layer. Do this by using a spoon or a ladle as a diffuser. As you are pouring the second layer in, do it slowly, and let it gently hit the spoon and deflect off of that into the glass or dispenser so that it gently comes to rest on top of the most sugary beverage layer. The ice helps with this too.  You will start to see the two separate colors the more you pour the second drink in. Fill your container with the second drink up to about 2/3 of the container.  Finish with your third, NO sugar drink, pouring it in to the container in the same manner as you did with the second layer. TA-DA! Isn’t that cool?

I love that you can make these layered drinks non alcoholic so the kiddos at your parties can enjoy them too.

I hope you have fun with this and if you try different color variations I would love to see them!

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Have a great day!


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layered drinks

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