Halloween Party for Pottery Barn: Bone Appetit Drink Station

On a recent trip to South Coast Plaza, I couldn’t help but linger at the windows of Pottery Barn with their beautiful displays, showing off the gorgeous offerings from their towering two story shop.  I LOVE to walk in and browse for design and decorating ideas, and feel like, even if just for a moment, that I am living in the catalog that I drool over each month when it is delivered to my mailbox.  😉  Well, imagine my surprise when a couple of months ago I was approached by Pottery Barn to style a shoot for them.  Now, I LOVE what I do.  Styling is truly my passion.  I haven’t had one job that I didn’t love.  But I have to say, that getting the opportunity to do what I love, and combine it with a company I love, was definitely a treat.  I feel very honored that people I admire for their design skills, would ask me to create something for them.  I was given the opportunity to create something I would be excited about…and since Halloween was on the horizon (and you all know how I feel about Halloween,) I couldn’t pass up the chance to create something a little spooky. 🙂  I styled three separate looks…one for a dinner party table, one for a Halloween Party Drink Station, and one for a dessert bar.  Just to tease you a little, I’ll reveal one each day for the next few days to get you in the Halloween spirit! 🙂  A perfect Halloween shoot would not have been possible without the perfect location.  The Homestead at Bridle Creek, nestled in the hills of North San Diego with it’s acres of live oak trees, pumpkin patch, and gorgeous gardens was, as I’m sure you will see, the PERFECT location.

We’ll start at the beginning…with drinks. 🙂  Does it get any cuter than the spider drink stand and drink dispenser?  I have owned my Pottery Barn drink dispenser for a few years now and I have to say, I LOVE it.  I have owned many over the years as I’m sure you can imagine, and this one is head and shoulders above the rest.  It’s clean and classic design works for ANY event, and the craftsmanship far exceeds that of others I have bought over the years.  The nozzle never clogs or has issues and it is just a show piece on every drink display.  The spider stand is genius.  Cute and creepy at the same time.

halloween party drink station

This is a perfect example of how easy it can be to put together something beautiful and simple.  A couple of beams and some boards were transformed into an instant serving area.

The skeleton arm was the perfect resting place for napkins.

I love to bring color and interest into any party with the drinks that I serve.  You can find all kinds of vintage sodas around these days and they really do double duty as display pieces and drinks!

How amazing is this bird cage?  I am in LOVE with it.  The best part?  Not only does the top come off to make it easy to put things inside, but for those bigger items that you want to fill it with, the bottom slides out like a tray too, so you can fill it with all kinds of goodies.  I opted for the simple look here…I just wanted it to look like the birds had escaped. 😉  One thing that I find really helpful with so many of Pottery Barn’s pieces is that they are super versatile.  Bird cages are something that I use in my home year round.  When it’s Halloween I make them a little spooky with some black birds, at Christmastime I can decorate them with greenery and glass ornaments inside.  Because I don’t have much space for storage in my home, it’s vital that I find things that I can use more than once and transform throughout the year.

My favorite decoration of the season…if you’re wondering…are the amazing spiders

I can’t tell you how awesome these things are!  They are BIG…like a couple inches across and a an inch and a half or so tall…they have bendy legs and they are GLITTERED.  You know my thoughts on glitter. 😉

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have a great day!



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