Easy DIY Spider Headband for Halloween

If you are looking for an easy DIY costume for Halloween look no further!   This DIY Spider Headband is it!    I am notoriously bad about waiting until the last minute to throw something together to wear for Halloween.  Without a doubt, the day of Halloween rolls around, and while I may have dressed up elaborately the weekend before for a party, I neglect to anything the day of Halloween.  It’s not usually until I wake up on Halloween morning that I realize…WAIT!  I need to take treats to a classroom party, or I want to wear something fun while I hand out candy or trick or treat with the kids…I want to do something fun!  Well, maybe it’s not all bad because my procrastination has resulted in some pretty fun and EASY DIY Halloween crafts and that you can literally make in minutes with only a few supplies.  Take this 5 minute Halloween DIY Spider headband for instance.  This post contains affiliate links.

5 minute halloween spider headband diy

Last Halloween I threw this spider headband together with stuff I had on hand on my way out the door to pick my kids up from school.  It is THAT easy!

DIY spider headband


  1. Raid your hair stash for a black headband or pick up some of these.
  2. Hot Glue Gun
  3. Plastic Spiders (I picked these up at either WalMart or Michaels)

If you happen to buy spider rings on accident, it’s easy to clip off the ring portion of the spider to attach them to your spider headband,  I just liked these glitter spiders because I had a thicker headband (about 1″) and they were more substantial looking spiders so they were more noticeable on the wide halloween headband.  I really did have all of these things on hand.  The spiders I bought just to place around the house and for the Modern Spider Halloween Party, so I really did make this spider headband without even so much as a trip to the store.

spider head band


It really is as easy to make this spider headband as it looks.  Simply glue the spiders on to the headband with the hot glue gun and let sit for a minute or two to cool before you put it on your head.  I did make the mistake of trying it on too soon to see how the spiders were sitting and got my hair a little stuck to the glue.  Oops.  Lesson learned! 🙂

If you use these bigger spiders like I did, you only need about 5-6 to cover the headband (you want to leave a little space behind your ears free of spiders).  I did find that some of the spiders didn’t want to stick as well as others.  I solved this problem by gluing a bit of black felt to the bottom of the spiders that wanted to pop off before I re-glued them back on to the headband.   I doubt you will have this problem, but I just wanted to share the tip just in case.  I was using my daughters low-temp glue gun for this project and it would have been better to get my high temp.  That would have also solved the problem. 🙂 The spiders from spider rings would most likely not be a problem.

Spider Headband

Isn’t that cute and easy?  This spider headband will delight everyone you see.  I wore mine to run all my errands last Halloween and it was so fun to see the reactions I got.  The kids will especially love it at school drop off and pick up!

I hope you enjoy this fun and easy 5 minute Halloween Spider Headband!

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Happy Crafting!



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5 minute halloween spider headband diy

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