Designer’s Favorite Blue Paint Colors for Your Home

If you know me and have been following the blog for awhile, you know I love blue.  Blue is soothing and serene and creates a calming vibe in any home, all while adding great color and style. It’s timeless too…I consider dark shades of blue to be neutrals like a good gray or beige. A good blue paint color goes with everything and depending on the shade you choose, can be bold and exciting, or spa-like and relaxing. I am currently working on a few projects that will be featuring blue paint colors, so I thought I would share my favorite blue paint colors in case you are on the hunt for the perfect blue paint colors for your own home. 

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The question I get asked most about our home in Salt Lake city is the color of the island. After going back and forth between several different shades of navy blue, I finally selected Salty Dog by Sherwin Williams. It’s a great, true navy blue that I have loved having in this house. 

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I can’t express enough how important it is when selecting a paint color to get a sample of it (any Home Depot or Lowe’s can make you a small sample of any color for around $3, as long as you know the brand and name of the color) and paint it on a piece of foam core or something and live with it in the space for a few days. Don’t feel like going to the paint store and trying your luck with sample colors? I wish I had known about Samplize sooner! You get large peel and stick samples of whatever paint colors you choose that you can put on your walls and then remove when you’re done. SO smart!!!

Color sample sherwin williams

You want to see it in every light, at every time of day in YOUR home. Something that looks great in someone else’s home doesn’t always look great in yours. Shadows, light sources and other things like flooring and ceiling colors all impact how the color will read in your house. The best example I can give is this image of paint samples on my wall. The color I originally thought I would be using was called charcoal navy. I wanted a pretty gray/blue. On the swatch card it looked perfect. Then I painted a sample and put it on the wall.

Blue paint colors 2

The charcoal blue is on the top row, third from the left. Do you see how purple it looks on my wall?! Whoa! I’m glad I painted a sample before I ordered cabinets in that color! 

If you are looking for the best blue paint that might work for you, here are some tried and true favorites of mine and other designers that are definitely worth giving a try in your own home. 

Best blue paint

Be sure to pin this image so you can find it again when you are at the paint counter looking for color names. 🙂 

If you love to decorate with blue as much as I do, here are some of my favorite blue home decor pieces for your home…click on any image for more information about the product. 

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Happy designing!



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Best blue paint colors for your home 1

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