Beach House Interior Colors : The OC Ranch Reno Color Palette

Paint colors can be tricky! I don’t know about you guys, but no matter how many projects I do, I always go back and forth over what the perfect shade of shade of white, gray, blue etc. will be for that particular house. Of course I have my favorites…but even working within that list, lighting is key, the colors of cabinets and tile and wood and all the other elements that go into a home all need to coordinate and blend. The OC Ranch Reno had darker colors on the walls and dark wood flooring to begin with, all colors that I love and chose several years ago, but this renovation gave us a chance to lighten and brighten everything. I think when people think of beach house interior colors, the typical colors that come to mind are hues of blue. You know I love blue, but I wanted to work with something a bit different with this coastal beach house.

beach house interior colors

This house just lends itself to a Greige color. Actually, most houses do. It’s timeless and works with just about every trend. You can add more browns to it, or blacks and grays, depending on the mood at the moment. The darker color on the walls before was a Greige too, it just needed to be freshened up. What do I mean by Greige? A Greige is the perfect blend of beige and gray. Not too cold, not too warm…just right in the middle and perfect. It works well with blacks and blues and, well, pretty much any color.

beach house interior colors

In our Salt Lake City home I used Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams at 25%…one of my favorites, but when I put it on the walls in this house it just didn’t feel right. I even tried it at different percentages and just couldn’t get the look I wanted.


Sometimes when I pick a color I put it on the wall and feel like it just needs to be adjusted just a smidge. Not necessarily taking it all the way down to the next step on the color chart, but something in between. This is where you can really get creative with your paint. Try having a color you love mixed at 50% or 75% to give you just the right mix of color. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make!

beach house interior colors

After trying eight different grays…and several at different percentages, I settled on Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams. I always feel worried to take things from a little swatch I’ve painted on the wall to painting every room in the entire house, but it turned out beautifully. They key is to paint several swatches of the color you want in many rooms throughout the house. You want to see it different rooms at different times of day…because lighting can make SUCH a difference! After you live with those sample swatches for a few days, you should have a good idea of whether the color will work or not. If you don’t want to deal with the paint store and actually painting samples on your walls, give Samplize a try. It is a genius idea. You simply order large peel and stick swatches of your colors and they will mail them to you. You can put them up on the walls to live with for a few days and then remove them when you’re done. SO smart!!

Color sample sherwin williams

I went through a similar process with the white I chose. I finally ended up going with Pure White by Sherwin Williams. It is a great white…not too creamy, but also not too stark…it works well with the countertops, the cabinets and everything in between!

beach house interior colors


Paint sheen plays an important role depending on which room you are painting. I am all about practicality so I chose an eggshell finish for the main walls (bedrooms, hallways, family room, etc.). Eggshell doesn’t look shiny, but is easy to wipe down which is great for fingerprints, kids, pets, etc.

beach house interior colors

When it comes to ceilings you want to go with a flat paint so that the light doesn’t reflect like crazy off of a shiny sheen. The one exception to this is in the bathroom. Steam and moisture in shower areas can actually damage the paint and even the drywall underneath. You want to paint your bathroom ceilings with a gloss so that it withstands the moisture. You can see that shinier sheen on the ceiling in the image up above with the light reflecting off of it. (sorry for the messy, unfinished bathroom…we’re getting there! ;))

beach house interior colors

On woodwork and trim, as well as kitchen and bathroom walls it’s also best to use a semi-gloss. This makes spills and messes easy to clean and protects the drywall underneath.


The Kitchen Island – still a bit dusty from construction and needing to be decorated, but the kitchen island is painted my FAVORITE black, which is Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. The front door of our Utah house is painted this same color, and I have used it in other client’s homes too. It is practically perfect in every way if you are looking for a black paint. I had this color mixed into a Scuff-X base, which is a paint that resists scratches and scuffs. Perfect for stair treads and places where shoes might be kicked up against it. 

beach house interior colors


WALLS – Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

CEILINGS/TRIM – Pure White by Sherwin Williams

I am so excited to be getting to the point in the OC Ranch Reno process to be planning the furniture and decor design plan! These pretty, neutral paint colors are the perfect beach house interior colors to give me a great foundation for the design. You can get a peek at the design plan for this house here.

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beach house interior colors

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