Favorite Amazon Kitchen Products

Construction is almost complete on the OC Ranch Reno and it’s time for the fun part. Decorating and outfitting the kitchen! 🙂 Amazon Home has been a lifesaver while trying to do this renovation during a pandemic! I don’t know if you have walked the aisles at any Target, Walmart or just about any other store lately, but man…they are wiped! Here in CA we are on a second round of closures for lots of stores as well, so pickings are slim! Thank heavens for Amazon kitchen products prime delivery! 

Amazon kitchen products

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I have some definite favorites when it comes to kitchen gadgets and such, so I decided that since I am working on getting this kitchen put together, it would be a great time to share them with you in case you are in need of a few kitchen updates. I don’t now about you, but the kitchen gadgets from my wedding (way too many years ago ;)) have seen better days, so it’s a good time to update! 😉 

1. I stumbled on this hand mixer by accident years ago and I love it. This is the updated version. It is smooth and super quiet…even at it’s top speed. It makes whipping up just about anything a breeze.

2. Nothing in our house gets baked without some of these silicon mats. I also use large ones for rolling out bread and rolls. They are non stick so it prevents me from having to use extra flour in the dough which helps make it even better.

3. We love waffles in our house and this waffle iron is great because it takes up less space on the counter or in the cupboard.

4. Quarter sheet pans are a must. We bake and cook and roast on them ALL THE TIME. They are the perfect size and fit in the dishwasher…which is a must for me!

5. We make a lot of rice in our house and this little but mighty rice cooker is the best. It cooks 8 cups of rice and steams veggies and so much more. For under $30 you can’t beat it!

6. These measuring cups are the best for liquid. The angled measurement is the best. 

7. A good sturdy measuring cup for dry goods is a necessity, and these metal ones are my favorite. 

8. These containers are the perfect size for 5lb bags of flour and sugar. They keep everything fresh for a long time with their pop tops that seal up so easily. It’s awesome how the scoops are stored in the lid too. 

9. If you are a cake baker, then these are the pans for you. Ash will be baking a lot in this house, so her favorite pans are a must. Just be sure to hand wash them to keep them in pristine condition.

10. We make a crock pot roast for Sunday dinner at least once a month, and this crock pot is my favorite. Make sure to get these bags to line it too…then you don’t have to clean it! 😉

11. These 2 quart pots are my favorite. They are non-stick and have this awesome strainer built into the lid to make for easy draining pasta and veggies and more.

12. We have had these knives for years and they are the best. They are solid stainless so they can go in the dishwasher and they stay sharp for EVER!

13. Just good, solid muffin tins. I use these for my orange rolls. 😉

14. These cutting mats are fantastic. I use them for everything I ever make. I usually take two of these from the pack and cut them in half so I have a couple of different sizes. 

15. Offset spatulas are great for cake decorating

16. Love this matte black toaster. It comes in other colors like white and stainless, but for this house I went black to tie it in with the island. It’s got four wide slots perfect for toast or bagels.

17. I can’t live without my Kitchen Aid, and for this house I am getting a fun color. I use it for everything from making bread and rolls to whipping cream. It gets a work out in our house. 

18. These mixing bowls are great. I love everything by OXO. 

I tend to stick with OXO for all of my other gadgets too…vegetable peeler, ladles, tongs, etc. They are great quality and last forever…as is evidenced by the very hard working pieces I still own 20+ years after I got them for my wedding. 

Amazon kitchen products

I could go on and on about even more Amazon kitchen products and favorites…but I’ll save that for another day. 😉 I am so excited to get everything organized in the cupboards and get cooking in this kitchen! 

I’m always adding fun finds like these to my Amazon Storefront, so check it out when you are looking for everything home!

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Amazon kitchen products

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