Pretty Kitchen Accessories and Favorite Products

I’m not one that likes a ton of clutter on the countertops in the kitchen, but some things you just can’t do without, so if you have to display them…why not make it pretty, right? Here are some of my favorite pretty kitchen accessories and products. 

pretty kitchen accessories

I love these little spice jars. The labels come separately and they are totally customizable. They are great for small trinkets of all kinds…they work well in the bathroom too for safety pins, buttons, etc., and crafts organization too!

I have this cutting board and love it. It looks so cute leaned up against the backsplash and on open shelves. 

Time for me to be honest…I don’t actually use my cute enamel bread container for bread…but I do love having it in the kitchen to hide all kinds of other clutter from the counter and make it look like bread. 😉

These bowls are the best! They have lids and these awesome grippers on the bottom of them so they make mixing a breeze and don’t scar up the countertops. And they are pretty to look at. 

Love these dish towels. A simple stripe makes them classic and pretty.

I have this painting in the 1987 Fixer Upper. It looks SO good and the price! Can’t be beat!!

All of these pretty kitchen accessories will look great in your own kitchen, and they make great gifts for Mother’s Day, Bridal showers and more!

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pretty kitchen accessories

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