Midway Modern Farmhouse Plans with Wrap Around Porch

As many of you have probably noticed on Instagram over the course of the last few weeks, 2019 has brought an exciting new project for PPD, one we are calling the Midway Modern Farmhouse.  Midway is a beautiful little city nestled in the hills just south of Park City.  Some friends of ours from Orange County have decided to purchase and remodel a farmhouse for their growing family to spend holidays and summers enjoying together and I am so honored to help transform this dated home with great bones.  These modern farmhouse plans with wrap around porch are going to be SO fun!  Fortunately, because this project is a bit of a drive from our home in Salt Lake City, I was able to talk the oh-so-talented Kathleen from Lindsay Hill Interiors who lives a bit closer, into to teaming up with me on this modern farmhouse project.  It is so fun for me to be able to work with someone so kind and creative!

Modern farmhouse plans with wrap around porch

I’ll share more of the modern farmhouse plans with wrap around porch in upcoming posts, but today I wanted to tackle the exterior, talk about some of the changes and show you how we plan to update this cute red brick home into a modern farmhouse.


You’ve probably heard the term Modern Farmhouse all over HGTV and seen it on social media.  So, what exactly defines a Modern Farmhouse?  Barn and Willow defines the term in the best way I can think of “Modern farmhouse combines the sleek clean lines of contemporary design with the cozy farmhouse aesthetic to create a uniquely fresh take on the country living inspired style. Modern farmhouse style is known for its warmth and simplicity, characterized by natural textures.”  I think when we think of a farmhouse, we tend to think of oversized comfortable furniture, burlap and mason jars.  The modern farmhouse brings in sleeker lines and more contemporary finishes.  There’s something comforting about farmhouse style and it’s fun to see this trend adapt with the times and become something new to love. 


This home was definitely built to be a farmhouse.  One look at the red brick exterior with a cupola and wrap around porch and you know the original owner had a similar plans for this home…just with a 1980’s flair.  

modern farmhouse plans wrap around porch


So, what are our modern farmhouse plans with this pretty wrap around porch? Let’s take a look at the design plans…

modern farmhouse plans with wrap around porch

Proposed plans include changing the red brick to a white, adding black shutters to the windows and removing the porch railing to open it up a bit.  A new black farmhouse style door (different than the one seen here with more windows and bigger sidelights) new exterior lighting, a new black roof, and black garage doors will give this home a true Modern Farmhouse feel.  We are also planning to add some natural wood elements in the form of a pergola over the garages and beefing up the posts holding the porch up with natural wood.  The addition of the natural wood elements will warm up what could otherwise be a colder feeling exterior, and the pergola will add great dimension to a large part of the house that right now feels flat and lacking character. Black gutters will be a great addition too.  Other changes down the road may include adding a standing seam roof to the porch.

The wrap around porch is such a great characteristic of this house.  I can imagine warm summer nights spent watching the world go by in a pair of rocking chairs or maybe even a porch swing with grand babies on their laps.  There are lots of wonderful memories to be made in this beautiful modern farmhouse!

So, what do you think of these modern farmhouse plans with a wrap around porch?  Won’t the transformation be beautiful and dramatic?  I can’t wait to dive into this project!


We have been pulling inspiration from everywhere for this project, pouring over Pinterest, magazines, and even driving around town.  

I love the use of the natural wood on a porch railing.  I love painted brick, especially when it’s done allowing you to still really see the character of each individual brick itself.  

A classic black and white exterior is so pretty too…so many fun choices! 

Wondering how you can bring some of the modern farmhouse feel into your own home?  Here are some of my favorite products (some of which you may see in this transformation) to get the look.  

I hope you are as excited to see these modern farmhouse plans with a cute wrap around porch come to life as I am!  I’ll be updating the process with room by room plans as we go along, so stay tuned for more modern farmhouse plans!  

You can follow along with both Kathleen and I on instagram too, just follow the hashtag #MidwayModernFarmhouse . 

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Happy Designing!



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midway modern farmhouse

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