Simple Guest Room Design : Bedroom Remodel Before & After

The original owners of the 1987 Fixer Upper had raised 6 kids there. Six! The space needs of their family were obviously different than ours with just two older kids…one of whom would be out of the house in three short years. The house, namely the secondary bedrooms and bathrooms, had been built to fit some pretty specific needs of their family.

simple guest room design

Two of the bedrooms had been designed to be shared by two kids. The room Andy chose to make his, had two very small walk in closets (which really weren’t walk in anymore once you hung clothes in them.) I’m sure that these were functional spaces, but they were pretty awkward. We didn’t need two small closets in each room or room for two beds. We wanted to simplify this bedroom design and make it more modern and functional for us. This simple guest room design made a huge difference!

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simple guest room design

simple guest room design

Here’s a little video showing and explaining the weird closet situation in this room.

Construction on this bedroom involved reconfiguring the closets, new flooring, paint, windows, trim, lighting and skimming the ceiling to smooth the texture. 

simple guest room design

You can see just how textured the ceiling was in this picture and get a feel for why we needed to skim it! Little changes like that make a BIG difference in making a space look new and fresh. The texture really dates things and if we hadn’t removed it, all of the other changes would have been overshadowed by a dated ceiling.

simple guest room design

You can see the two original closet openings on the wall here. The opening on the left was the original size of the doors. So small!

simple guest room design

Andy wanted his bed on this wall so he could see out the windows to the mountains when he woke up in the morning, so we reconfigured the furniture in the room to his liking. 

simple guest room design

The light gray walls and plush new carpet are great neutral backdrops, and I rolled with that color scheme adding a mix of darker grays and lighter grays mixed in with some blues and a touch of leather for texture and color.

simple guest room design

 A little faux greenery, some drapes and a few knick knacks and we are finished with his simple room design.

simple guest room design


Now that he is in college and only here every so often, I have big plans to update his room with some simple guest room design ideas. 

simple guest room design ideas

I already have the nightstands and pillows and the bed is on order, so we’re almost ready to transform it into it’s final design! I can’t wait to share the final look with you! In the mean time, here are some more bedroom design ideas for you:

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simple guest room design

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