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I love a reveal day! There’s nothing better than sharing a space that was tired and then getting to see what happens when we breathe some new life into it! The guest bedrooms at the Midway Modern Farmhouse were in need of some love. As I’ve mentioned many times before, this house had GREAT bones! You can tell that the woman that built it originally wanted a very comfortable place for her extended family to come and visit. The 4 guest rooms were all very spacious and each had their own en-suite bathroom. SO nice for guests! The one downside were some interesting (and unnecessary) angles that made the bathrooms feel cramped and the rooms a little odd. It was easy to re-imagine those rooms and eliminate the angles and suddenly we had modern, beautiful and spacious spaces.

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Midway guest bedroom design

Before we take a look at the new farmhouse bedroom design ideas, let’s have some fun and look back at what we started with, shall we? 😉

Midway modern guest bedroom 13

Each room was loving decorated you can tell, just outdated. 

Midway modern guest bedroom 10

You can tell the previous owner put a lot of thought into the design of each guest bedroom.

Midway modern guest bedroom 7

bedroom design ideas

There was this weird angle down at the end of the hallway in between two of the bedrooms that made the entrance into them a bit weird…I can’t find a great before picture, but here it is right after we started to take it down…

Midway modern house 1

You can see on the floor and ceiling where the wall used to be. Just that weird little dead space. The closets for each bedroom were behind it, but that strange angle really didn’t add any room in the closet since it just made an add, tight corner. We were able to remove that wall and make it flat, a nice place to put a little table and some art, without sacrificing any space in the closet. It made SUCH a difference in the look upstairs!

You can kind of see it in this image above too, but in each bedroom, the wall when you walk in was angled on the corner…can you see that above? That angled wall was where the tiny little corner sink was in the bathroom. We were able to square those off too and add a more normal sink in each en-suite which made a huge difference in the bathrooms too!

Midway modern guest bedroom 4

Midway modern guest bedroom 3

Take a look at how much better that hallway looks with a flat wall!

Midway modern hallway 1

Alright, should we get on with the fun stuff? How about the after pictures of those guest bedrooms? 

Midway hallway 1

With 10 grown children and a dozen grandkids, our client had one request…that all the bedrooms look the EXACT same. As much as I love coming up with fun design ideas for lots of bedrooms, I think this was such a smart decision! She didn’t want any hurt feelings over someone feeling like they didn’t get the room they wanted, so she had them all designed to look alike to eliminate any problems. Such a mom thing to do, right? lol! A perfect solution. I love it!

Midway guest bedroom design 5

Each room was outfitted with these cute iron beds, some gray and white striped sheets, and these great duvet covers (I LOVE the texture they add). The one small difference that this bedroom has is a faux leather bench at the end of the bed. The other rooms have window seats, so in this one we added a bench so the guests staying here had somewhere to sit too. 

Midway guest bedroom 4

These great nightstands add lots of storage with two drawers in each, and a basket underneath adds even more. Pretty concrete looking lamps add an earthy touch. Simple black flush mount lights were perfect for each room too. 

Midway bedroom 2

So there you have it! The farmhouse bedroom designs from the Midway Modern Farmhouse! Clean and simple and ready for lots of fun guests!

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midway guest bedroom design

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