Pretty Christmas Decor from Walmart

If you want Christmas decor from Walmart, now is the time to get it! I was walking around one of my favorite neighborhoods in Corona del Mar this past weekend and I could not believe how many cargo ships were sitting out off the coast. It is so crazy!  Stores are having a hard time staying stocked and shipping is taking longer than ever, so get on it now! 

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pretty Christmas decor from Walmart

I am working with a neutral palette for our home’s Christmas decor this year, so of course I am on the hunt for pretty Christmas decor in soft grays, tans and creams. I have to add in some sparkle so gold and some mercury glass are a must. Natural textures like rattan, burlap and wood will round out the look. I found all of this pretty Christmas decor from Walmart while I was on the hunt and wanted to share in case you are looking for something similar. 

This rug is beautiful year round and with all kinds of decor. It comes in and out of stock quickly, so act fast when you see it in stock!

This basket is a best seller. It is gorgeous with some chunky throws in it like this one.

If you are on the hunt for a pretty Christmas tree this year, this one is a great deal and looks beautiful. 

I love the ruffle on this cute burlap tree skirt. 

I use this striped ribbon in SO many of my projects. I have it on hand year round, I just love it!

These pretty gold hurricanes are another pretty decor piece that works for Christmas decor and year round decor. I am always happy to get more use out of my decor!

I neglected to add these ADORABLE stockings to the image above, but they are SO cute!! Don’t miss them!!

You can shop everything in this Christmas decor collage and a few other pretty decor pieces from Walmart here. Simply click on any image for more information about the item.

I’m frantically working on more posts with the cutest decor to make sure we can get it while it lasts! I’ll be posting about it here on the blog and on my shopLTK store front, so make sure you are following me there too to get the latest, in stock alerts. Many times it makes it on my LTK shop before I get a chance to post about it here, so check often! Here are a few more posts here on the blog to get you started with your Christmas decor shopping:

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I hope you have a wonderful day and have fun shopping for pretty Christmas decor at Walmart!! 🙂


pretty Christmas decor from Walmart

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