Prettiest Studio McGee Christmas Decor at Target

Did you guys see the release of the latest Studio McGee Christmas Decor at Target this weekend? I think they are getting sneaky trying to not cause a massive website outage, because they used to announce/advertise her lines before they released, but now they announce it after it’s been up and for sale for awhile. Well, I was a bit late to the game, but I grabbed a few super cute Christmas decorations, and I was happy to see that a few of the pieces I picked up last year are back on shelves this year too. 

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I am still on the hunt for a few things, and some of these things are being released as they get them in stock…so keep your eyes peeled, but here are my favorite picks from the Studio McGee Christmas Decor line this year. Click on any image for more information about the product.

Pretty shades of green and cranberry are the base of most of the line. I went for more of the neutral gold and cream things this year to add to my collection. These gold trees are so pretty. I love these little houses too. 

christmas decor

I bought these stocking holders last year and LOVE them!

I ordered bottle brush trees almost identical to these from McGee & Co last week, so it’s funny to see them pop up at Target too! I grabbed another set because the price is so good! I don’t know about you, but I can always use more little design pieces. 

If there is something you want that says it’s out of stock, don’t give up! I always turn on the “notify me when it’s back in stock” notification and I get lots of notifications when things come back into stock. But when they do…be prepared to act fast! I am not exaggerating when I say that sometimes I click through the notification immediately and it is already sold out again! Be persistent, and you’ll get it!

I’ll share on instagram as things arrive and let you know what I think! 🙂

Did you see this wrapping I posted on Instagram earlier this week? The black and white is ADORABLE and the blue stripe…LOVE! This ribbon pairs perfectly with it. It’s so great that you can use most of it year round for all occasions. It is kind of hidden on the Target site, but it’s there! Get it now before it sells out because it will…and FAST!!

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