Week in Review

Happy Monday! Is anybody else having a lazy day today? It’s been a little tough to get going with some cool, cloudy temps and fall-like weather. It makes me want to stay snuggled up in bed and have some hot chocolate!

How was your week? We had a busy one around here with some fun company and then work meetings that took us to Las Vegas. My sister and her family had fall break, so they were able to come and stay with us for a few days and then hang around for the week with Ash while John and I headed to Vegas. Her girls are SO fun. They are totally in love with Jack and Sam, so it’s cute to see them just loving playing with them all day…and Jack and Sam sure eat it up too! This is true love. 😉

I had to take advantage of having little people in the house to make my favorite spooky brunch…these yummy pancakes with whipped cream ghosts…and then of course some easy mummy pizzas for lunch! The kids always have so much fun “decorating” their own pizzas. 🙂


I met up with John in Vegas on Tuesday. He spent the week in meetings most of the day and then we had the chance to have some nice dinners and see a couple of shows in the evenings. Are you an AGT fan? If so, you might recognize Piff the Magic Dragon. I didn’t know who he was, but he came to perform for our group and it was hilarious. We were literally sitting in the front row, so he used John in a good part of his show. I was dying. SO funny!

We found a new favorite Vegas restaurant in the Mandalay Bay…Citizens Kitchen. It’s a great spot for all day grub. Their Turkey sandwich is SO yummy, and their desserts are delicious too!

As I look back at my pictures, we apparently ate a lot. lol! Shocker…I know. 😉 We had a delicious work dinner at Strip Steak which was SO good. I would highly recommend it!  Friday night, we walked along the strip…8 miles in total!

We did a date night at our favorite spot Mastro’s for dinner after everyone else had headed home earlier that day. I didn’t feel too guilty eating all that yummy food after walking that much! 😉 I loved the fall trees that had decorated in the mall. They were gorgeous!

Saturday we headed home back to OC, and after seeing all the craziness with Southwest flights this weekend, we feel lucky to have been able to get back! We noticed when we arrived at the airport here that were hundreds of bags from other flights just sitting at baggage claim…I wondered why at the time because it seemed so odd…now I know! 

We had to make sure and get back to see Ash off to her first Homecoming. Well, technically she didn’t go to the dance, because she isn’t a student at the local high school since she does school through a Utah program, but she went to all the festivities with friends before the dance and still got to get dressed up…that’s what she really cares about anyway. lol! We found these darling shoes in a pinch and her dress at Madewell just this past week. 

She is growing up WAY too fast….and I don’t love that…but she is also so fun to hang out with, so it’s fun for her to get older. A lazy Sunday of resting after church finished off our weekend. I spent time planning out Christmas decor too…did you see the new Studio McGee line for Christmas that went live at Target yesterday? So cute!! It was really nice to relax after a busy week. 

I’m excited for the week ahead! What do you have in store?

Have a wonderful day!

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