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I have been having so much fun putting the kitchen together at the OC Ranch Reno. I have made it my mission to make this kitchen (well, the whole house actually) as organized as possible. We don’t have as much stuff here, so it should be easier, right?! 😉 Kitchen organization products are coming in extra handy since I eliminated some of the cabinet space in this kitchen when I renovated it. Originally, where the open shelving is now, the whole wall was all pantry cabinets. It was a TON of storage. Now that there are less places to put things, I have to make better use of the space that we do have. 🙂 Here are a few of my favorite kitchen organization products right now…

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A super important organization tool for me are containers that are air tight. In Utah, it’s dry and so things don’t go stale nearly as fast as they do in the humidity. Since I no longer have a teenage boy at home eating me out of snacks every two days, we don’t go through food as quickly as we used to. I need it to stay good a lot longer and without air tight canisters they go stale very fast. I have this set for all my baking goods too.

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Have you seen these little steps for your cupboard? I use them for my spices and it makes it so easy to see/find everything. They are very inexpensive but make such a difference!  I love them!


I have the same issue with canned goods. I try to purchase a few cans of each type that we use regularly (especially these days after experiencing some food shortages recently.) This stackable can rack makes it easy for me to find/use them and to keep the newer cans in the back and older cans up front to use first. 

Another thing I keep a lot of in the house are packets of spices. Taco seasonings, salad dressing mixes etc. These pretty clear acrylic containers keep those loose items neat and accessible and all together so they aren’t laying all over the shelves. They are great for kid’s snacks like juice boxes, squeeze pouches and more too.

Can we talk about tupperware lids for a second? Who else has a cupboard full of food storage containers that looks like a bomb went off in there? lol! I can ALWAYS find the base of the containers, but the lids…now that’s a different story! Check out this awesome lid organizer. It’s a game changer! It keeps every neat and tidy and easy to find when you want to use it. 

A few more things I’ve found helpful lately:

This bottle organizer. As much as I can’t stand those non-dishwasher safe bottles, I think they are here to stay for awhile. Having this organizer is so much better than having them sitting all over my counters!

These clear organizers for the fridge and my shelves for packaged snacks.

I hope these pretty, functional kitchen organization products will help you as much as they have helped me! 🙂

Have a great day!



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