1987 Fixer Upper Laundry Room Remodel Before & After

I’m making a better effort to share the before and afters of so many projects that I seem to always neglect here on the blog.  I shared the a few shots of the #1987FixerUpper laundry room up quite some time ago, but I’ve never shown you the before and after…and what a before and after it is!

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You definitely can’t appreciate the after nearly as much until you see the before. When I first walked through this house I couldn’t believe how BIG the laundry room. At the time, the original owners were using it as not just a laundry room, but a sewing room and for storage too. It was definitely big enough to be used as a bedroom…including the fact that it had a walk-in closet. But I saw a lot of potential to make it a beautiful laundry space with tons of storage AND use the current walk in closet as a new spot for a vanity in the kid’s bathroom next door, which was VERY narrow and needed to be re-worked.

A lot of the spaces in this house were just big and empty, or poorly utilized. Lots of big rooms with little bits of storage, but they all had so much potential. The laundry room had red laminate countertops and some white DIY type laminate cabinets. The washer and dryer were on the left had side of the room and up on a tiled pedestal of sorts…presumably in case of a leak, that was about 8″ tall. The rest of the space was carpeted. 

laundry room renovation

I wanted to use the walk-in closet space to widen the very long and narrow kids bathroom next door and use it as the new vanity space there, so that needed to be walled off. I also wanted to eliminate the pedestal and move the sink and washer/dryer to the right side of the room.

laundry room renovation

This was easy to do because there was a bathroom on either side of the laundry room, so plumbing was already there.

laundry room remodel

I’m sure they initially put the bathroom right where it was because it was flanked by bathrooms on both sides, but what I didn’t love is that the laundry room is right at the top of the stairs and the only room you can see from the entry way downstairs, and as soon as you climb to the top of the stairs.

laundry room before and after

With the washer and dryer on the left side of the room it was basically IN the doorway and first thing you saw at the top of the stairs.

By moving it to the right side of the room, I was able to add a bunch of pretty cabinetry, butcher block countertops and move the sink to a spot where those are the things you see now, instead of the washer/dryer immediately.

laundry room remodel

A chandelier in there finished the space. When you look up the stairs in the entry way, all you can see is the chandelier, so you would never even guess it’s the laundry room. A much better set up!

laundry room remodel

laundry room remodel

A few things I love about this laundry room remodel…the built in laundry hampers, tall cabinet storage for my ironing board, that apron sink.

laundry room makeover

laundry room renovation

Here’s what we used for this room:

Cabinets: Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams

Floor Tile 

Backsplash Tile 

Sink, hardware and faucet click on images to get more information about each one.

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laundry room renovation

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