Saturday Sale Favorites

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all enjoying a fun *almost fall* weekend. I saw something today that made me stop in my tracks. 99 days until CHRISTMAS!!! As I was flipping through the channels last night I saw Christmas Vacation and a few other holiday movies playing. That is CRAZY! I think this year we are all going to be on the hunt for extra deals, so I thought I would start early with a few Saturday sale favorites to help us all get prepped and do it on sale. Here are my Saturday sale favorites this week.

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saturday sale favorites


  1. I love this pillow and just ordered one for the bedroom…although with me, who knows exactly where it will end up! 😉 Get one now for 10% off. 
  2. This faux olive tree is one of my go-to’s. I love it. The 5ft. version is only $89 right now. They often sell out, so grab it while you can!
  3. How cute is this rugby striped sweater? It comes in several color options…a darling green/pink combo is another favorite, but you know I’m partial to blue!
  4. I just bought this rug for the alumni house. The colors are so fun. 
  5. These pretty pendants are under $90 and make a great addition to any home. 
  6. I have this bag and it is the one I use the most. The small size is perfect and you can get one for 30% off right now. This makes a GREAT gift too.

Happy shopping!

saturday sale favorites

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