One Day Sale on Tons of My Favorites!

Are you guys sale shoppers like me?  I will wait patiently for quite some time for things that I want to go on sale.  I just have a hard time ever paying full price…which is why I love it when there are awesome one day sales that pop up.  (affiliate links are included in this post) I bought these nightstands this morning for one of the guest bedrooms.  I have been wanting them for some time…I like the fact that they have drawers and a shelf for decorating.  Practical and pretty!  I picked out some of my other favorites for you, but everything in the store right now is between 20 and 70% off…which is incredible.  If your order totals more than $1000, it’s 25% off, under is 20%…but many things like this incredible (NEW!!) chandelier is already marked at 60% off! 

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SHOPPING TIP TO SAVE MORE– My nightstands came out to $998, so I added one of these inexpensive little taco holders to my cart.  It took my cart past that $1000 mark, which meant I got 25% off my entire purchase rather than 20%…which was an additional savings of $50.  Adding a $6 item, saved me an additional $50.  Think about little tips like that to save you more! 😉

This particular sale ends tonight, so if you have had something on your wish list it might be a good time to pick it up.  I will be back tomorrow with the best weekend sales, and I’m sure PB will still be offering some sort of sale, but not everything will be on sale again…especially at these prices!

Happy shopping!


Pb sale

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