The Coolest Gifts for Teen Boys Under $50

Let’s just say it out loud…boys are kind of hard to shop for.  I mean, they are easy in the sense that they really don’t want much more than a shirt or some sort of gadget, but when it comes to knowing what they really want and finding something kind of creative for them, I give up.  For example, I enlisted the help of Andy, in the prime of his teenage boy years, to help me put this list together.  I told him he had a hypothetical $500 to spend anywhere he wanted with only one rule…he couldn’t spend more than $50 on any one item.  His response…”Mom, we just want food.” lol!  But seriously, how funny.  The way to a boys heart is definitely through his stomach.  It used to be so easy to wander the aisles of Target picking up hot wheels and airplanes…anything with wheels.  Now, coming up with a fun list of the coolest gifts for teen boys under $50 is a little trickier, but have no fear!  After Andy was well fed we put our heads together and came up with some super cool stuff that is sure to be a hit for Christmas, birthdays and any other gifting occasion.  So if you’re on the hunt for the coolest gifts for teen boys this year, look no further.  Wrap the items up from this list and you are sure to be the coolest gift giver on the block.  I’ve included affiliate links and images to make shopping a breeze. Click on any image or link for more information about any product.

coolest gifts for teen boys under $50

These socks are a favorite in our house.  They are a bit on the pricey side…(usually between $10-15 a pair) but come in just about every sports team, pattern and color under the sun.  They are great for a gift or stocking stuffer.  A few more of my favorites.  The Festivus ones are hilarious.

The latest tech gadgets are always a hit. We love our Amazon Echo Dots and use them everyday for SO much stuff.  It’s amazing to me that they are under $50!  This cool bluetooth portable speaker will let him take his music with him on the go, as will this iPhone arm band.

Vans, Vans, Vans was the name I kept hearing repeated when I asked about clothing.  A Vans hat, some checkered shoes, a lanyard (which Andy informed me is a must for your keys) and a t-shirt and they will be looking totally rad.  Ok, I’ll stop trying to sound cool. 😉 . A few other names I heard frequently…Neff, Patagonia and Dakine.

In a perfect teenage boy wonderland, Andy would spend his time eating Panda Express, watching ESPN and playing video games all while wearing basketball shorts.  If you have a teenage boy, does that sound familiar? 😉  So of course gift cards to his favorite fast casual restaurants, video gaming gift cards and some cool basketball shorts are on the list.  A subscription to ESPN Magazine or Sports Illustrated are fun ideas too.

If you have a kid that loves music, TV, Movies and more, how about a subscription to Amazon Prime or Prime Music?  With Prime you get something crazy like a million songs for free, or you can get a monthly subscription to just Amazon music and get a ton more. If you are not currently an Amazon Prime Member NOW IS THE TIME TO TRY IT!!   You can have all of your Christmas gifts shipped around the country in 2 days, listen to unlimited streaming music and watch thousands of streaming TV shows and Movies (including Hallmark movies!!!) this holiday season!!  It is SOOOOO one of my favorite things.

For $112 you can give the gift of Amazon Prime for a year.  I seriously save a fortune just on shipping costs every year with this membership…not to mention all the movies, TV and music I get for free…oh, and kindle books!  It is SO awesome and makes SUCH a great gift!  You can get a gift subscription (or one for yourself 😉 ) here:

Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

There are so many great gifts on this list, you can’t go wrong with any one of them.  If you have teen and tween girls you are shopping for, be sure to check out our gift guide for teen and tween girls for under $50 too! 🙂 Click on any affiliate image in this collage to find out more information about (prices, availability, shipping etc.).


I knew this list was a good one when Andy saw it he told me to just make this his list. 😉  I hope you find this coolest gifts for teen boys gift guide helpful!  You can find all of my other gift guides here.

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Happy shopping!



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The coolest gifts for teen boys

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