How to Accessorize Kitchen Countertops

A once in a blue moon occurrence happened at our house the other day…a clean kitchen. 😉 So, being the blogger that I am, I figured I better capitalize on that rare moment and take some pictures right before Hurricane Mitchell came home from school for the afternoon.  I’ve had some questions about how to accessorize kitchen countertops and since I recently switched things up around here for fall, I thought I would give a few pointers and share what I have done.  With the holidays coming up, I will be switching things up here shortly and these tips about how to decorate that sometimes tricky kitchen countertop space will come in handy year round.

how to accessorize kitchen countertops

Rug | Pendant Lights | Wood Tray | Cookbook | Cookbook Stand | Gold SpatulaMatch Holder | Cutting BoardRecipe Box | Gold Tray

Mixing Materials: I get asked all the time about mixing metals and if it’s something you can do…well, take one look at my kitchen and you will know that I intentionally mixed materials when I designed this kitchen last year. By mixing and matching accessories on your kitchen countertops you are adding texture and layers to the design.  Our kitchen has a LOT of white and gray quartz surface so to warm things up I like to bring in natural woods, metallics, plants, woven materials you name it!  Not every accessory has to be one color or material.  The contrasting textures and colors keep things from looking too sterile in a very white to decorate kitchen counters

Add a Tray: I like to use trays on the counters to collect those groupings.  Here I used a pretty little gold tray to set these pretty jars of oils and vinegars that I brought home from Italy in.  I picked these bottles up as souvenirs because they are all similar but the shapes and unique labels make them interesting to look at.  On top of being pretty, we use them in our cooking so it’s nice to have them handy next to the stove.  I love this round wood and metal tray that I found to use on the island.

how to decorate kitchen counters

Cutting Boards: The area behind the stove is a big, empty white space which makes it the perfect spot for a couple of oversized cutting/bread boards.  I love to look for these on vacation in Europe and at antique stores.  The more worn the better.  They have so much character and really make the room feel loved.

how to decorate kitchen counters

Rugs: A rug with a great rug pad in front of the sink is another fun accessory for the kitchen that is soft underfoot for long nights of washing dishes and looks pretty.  I change the rug up as well every so often throughout the year to get a different look in here.

how to decorate kitchen counters

Use a Crock: A pretty crock on the other side of the stove holds large utensils that we use often for cooking.  Again, practical, but pretty.  I change out the crock throughout the year and add different colors and shapes in to mix things up in the kitchen.

Display Pretty Books: If you frequently use cookbooks and have pretty ones to display, a cute wooden cookbook holder like this one looks fun and keeps your recipes handy. I am loving this new cookbook I picked up last week!

how to decorate kitchen counters

Add Art: We have this counter that gets used as a catch all for junk way too often.  By adding a piece of art, a plant and a stack of easy to grab bowls for the late night cereal runs, it helps people remember not to leave their junk there and looks pretty.  Don’t be afraid to add some art in the kitchen, just be sure to put it in a place that is out of harm’s way from splatters and spills.

how to decorate kitchen counters

Greenery Makes it Look Alive: Greenery is a must for me.  It again brings in a natural element and helps the kitchen feel warm and inviting.  A mix of fresh and faux is a good way to go so you don’t have to be replacing fresh plants all the time.  I like to pick up Basil plants for around $3 every few weeks.  I put them in a crock on the counter and use them while I cook.  They look pretty and liven things up.  Fruit is another great accessory to add to the kitchen counters.  A pretty bowl or basket full of fruit looks good and makes an easy to grab, healthy snack.

how to decorate kitchen counters

I am kind of a minimalist when it comes to decorating the counters.  When I need flour, I make the trip to the pantry instead of leaving it in a canister on the counter.  By creating a group of accessories it keeps the counters from looking cluttered instead of decorated.  Believe me, it is easy to cross the line from accessorizing kitchen counters and looking decorated to looking cluttered.  When in doubt, remove a few things.  (A baby gate to keep a puppy out of the dining room is also always a nice accessory) 😉 . You can shop our kitchen here.  Click on any affiliate image for more information about the product.

I hope you find these tips on how to accessorize kitchen countertops helpful and useful in your own home.

Kitchen Design Sources:

Island Color: Salty Dog by Sherwin Williams

Cabinet Color: High Reflective White by Sherwin Williams

Wood: Oasis Hardwood Flooring Carmel Collection color Marina

Countertops: Arizona Tile Bella Statuario

Pendant Lights




Pot Filler




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Happy decorating!


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