Tips for Hanging Garland

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…time to deck the halls! It is fun to have some new halls for me to deck, that’s for sure!  With everything freshly painted and new this year, I am extra sensitive about making sure I don’t damage anything while I’m having fun making things pretty.  You know how it is…like when you have a new car and you wash it weekly and don’t let anyone eat or drink in it.  That lasts for all of about a month and then it’s parked outside, dirty as all get out and the kids have already lodged french fries in between the seats.  Well, we’re in that honeymoon period with the house still and so I’m using one of my favorite tips, and  I wanted to share if you are hanging garland in your home this year and in years to come.

tips for hanging garland

At Christmas time I love to fill the house with fresh garlands and wreaths.  (Last year’s living room garland was one of my all time favorites!) There is just nothing like bringing the outdoors in at this time of year.  Some fresh cedar branches make everything look festive and they smell so good too!  I like to use cedar in particular because even when it dries (which it will rather quickly indoors) it still maintains it’s shape and color, so it looks good throughout the season even if it is dry and brittle.  Whether you are hanging fresh or faux garland, they both have one thing in common…they are prickly and scratchy…which isn’t so good for wood or painted surfaces, especially when those branches and limbs need to be fixed tightly to your stair railing.  Here’s a trick that will help protect your home’s surfaces from the scratches and nicks that can often occur when hanging fresh greenery.

My secret weapon…plastic food wrap, saran wrap whatever you want to call it!  I know it sounds funny, but let me show you how I use it.  When you hang a garland, there are pressure points where the branches will be tightly fixed right against the surface of the wood railing.  In our last house the railing was painted white, so scratches were very apparent.  In this house, it’s a raw wood, so I’m afraid it will be the same.  Whatever the case, you want to protect that spot…so, I wrap it with a couple of layers of saran wrap like this:

tips for hanging garland

The branches then push up against the saran wrap, instead of the wood itself.  Then, to hang, I always use a non-wired ribbon.  It is soft and pretty and keeps things in place without hurting anything.  Use the ribbon to tie your garland to the railing, making sure to nestle the ribbon up against a baluster to prevent it from slipping down the railing.

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Once the garland is tied up, simply tuck the saran wrap that is still visible, underneath the ribbon…

tips for hanging garland

In spots like this I didn’t even worry about tucking it under because it is pretty hidden by the branches and ribbon.  No one else will even notice it.

tips for hanging garland

I also use this trick when I am putting garland on my white painted fireplace mantels.  Just a layer of clear wrap under the greenery does the trick.  Tuck it under your garland and it isn’t even noticeable.  It makes clean up of a fireplace garland much easier too because it usually catches most of the dry needles that fall off and you can just roll them all up in the plastic and throw it away!  Fresh garlands and wreaths are just so gorgeous, and they make great gifts!  Send one to your mom, your sister…especially those on your list that are hard to buy for.  It will be an unexpected and welcome gift that will last all season.  Here are some GORGEOUS live garlands and wreaths you can order today and have delivered quickly. Click on any affiliate image for more information about pricing, delivery, etc.

If you would rather go the faux route, here are some of my favorite faux garlands that will last you for years…

tips for hanging garland

I hope this tip helps in your decorating this year!  Bring in those fresh garlands and hang them all over the house!

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Happy Decorating!



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Tips for hanging a garland

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