DIY Crafts and Party Ideas: Easy Modern Triangle Garland

shutterfly graduation table

A while back I had the pleasure of designing and creating a graduation line for Shutterfly and styling a party using all the fun products. This triangle garland is a little something I created for the shoot and it is SO easy and can be made for just a few dollars and with a few minutes of your time. It would be a great decoration for any party.

triangle 1

Here’s what you’ll need:
cardstock in the colors of your party ( I used three colors and added a metallic gold in for some shimmer)

sneak peek

You’ll need all of your triangles to be the same size. I just cut one triangle free-hand and then used it as a guide for all the others. You will need two triangles per triangle on the garland because you want them to be double sided. (if you want your garland to have 30 triangles, cut 60 pieces)  If you are fancy and have one of these awesome machines, then your time will be cut in half. 😉

triangle 3

Glue your triangles to the yarn, sandwiching the piece of yarn in the middle of your two triangle pieces.

triangle 4

Continue in your color pattern until the garland is the length you wish it to be. I made mine about 6 feet long.

shutterfly shoot cake close up

Hang and enjoy!

Happy crafting!

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Shutterfly graduation table

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