DIY Garland with Gold Polka Dots

You guys!  Are you ready for one of the easiest DIY projects on the planet?  This DIY garland is it!  You only need two things and about 2 minutes to put this together.  I made it for the Shutterfly Baby Shower, and I’ve also used it for gift wrapping (you can see it in this picture).  It will be perfect for all of your Christmas and New Year’s parties! (affiliate links included for your convenience)

diy garland

DIY Garland



Baker’s Twine

Gold Polka Dot Stickers


DIY Garland


Cut twine to the length you want your garland to be (make sure to account for extra on either end for hanging)

Stick two stickers (sticky sides facing each other) together over the twine.

DIY Garland

Continue sticking stickers together spacing them out evenly along the twine.

Hang and enjoy your cute polka dot DIY garland! 🙂

DIy Garland


Too easy, right?   Looking for more great DIY party ideas?  Check out our DIY Party Gallery here.

Have fun crafting!

Diy garland

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