DIY Felted Garland Tutorial

I’m sure you’ve seen them all over the internet. The cute, DIY felted garlands using felted balls and fun shapes decorating kid’s rooms, mantels, Christmas trees…you name it. Did you know they are super easy to make? Well, I’m here to show you how you can make your own in minutes. Don’t buy a felted garland this year, make your own custom garland with you favorite colors to match your decor.  (affiliate links included for your convenience)

diy felted garland



Felted Balls (they come in heart and star shapes too)
Baker’s Twine or Embroidery Floss
A Tapestry Needle

A note about the size of the felted balls: I was confused when I was ordering.  They are sized by CM which can be tough to judge size, because when you look at CM on a ruler, these do not match up.  For this garland, I used balls and hearts that are 3cm.  That is about  1″-1.25″ in diameter.  Size varies slightly because they are handmade.

DIY garland



Step 1: Line up the felted balls in the pattern you would like them to appear on your garland so that you can visualize what it will look like.

Step 2: Thread the needle and push it through the first felted ball.   Tip: I don’t cut the twine.  I make mine while the twine is still on the spool, that way I can cut it once I’m done to the length I want.

DIY garland

DIY garland

Step 3: Continue threading the felted shapes onto the twine until your garland is as long as you would like. Remember to leave twine at both ends for hanging.

DIY garlandDIY garland

Stare at your new adorable DIY felted garland, hang and enjoy! 😉  I have seen these felted garlands popping up everywhere!  They are really perfect for Christmas decorations, Valentine decorations and any other occasion…just make them in the colors that fit your theme.  They are also really cute in a nursery or playroom.

Looking for more fun DIY crafts and DIY Party ideas?  You can find tons of them in our DIY gallery here.

Happy crafting!


Diy felted garland

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