The BEST Amazon Prime Day Deals for Home!

It’s time to start thinking holidays! Today (and tomorrow) are two of the best days to get that holiday shopping underway with some of the best deals you will see for the rest of the year. You already know that I am a HUGE Amazon Prime fan and affiliate member, so it probably comes as no surprise that Amazon Prime Day is a certified holiday in our house. 😉 If you aren’t already a Prime Member, get on it! Here is an awesome run-down of everything you get as a Prime Member, it’s a lengthy list! The best Amazon Prime Day deals are sure to get snagged quickly, so get them while you can! I’m checking a few things off of Santa’s list as well as my own list. 😉 Here are a few of my favorite things in the Amazon Prime Day home deals. 

Amazon prime day deals

OXO Storage Canisters

These canisters are a must in our kitchen! They keep everything fresh a lot longer than leaving them in their original packaging, especially in humid climates where things tend to go stale so quickly! I love how they are clear and clean looking. It makes me feel like I at least have one thing organized and together at home. 😉 This set with the scoops is awesome! I have those for my baking staples and they are fantastic!

Amazon Prime Day Best Home Deals

NutriBullet Blender Combo

This set is on John’s wish-list this Christmas, so now is the perfect time to pick it up! He has been diligent about working on his health and nutrition for the last 18 months and has seen tremendous health benefits for doing so. He eats lots of fruits and veggies and smoothies are a great way to get those servings in each day. I love the options for making different sizes of smoothies this way.

Amazon Prime Day Home Deals


Pretty Navy and Gold Bakeware

I told you guys about this gorgeous set of bakeware the other day, and how lucky are we that it’s part of Prime Day deals?! If you have a baker on your list, or just want to update your own baking gear this pretty gold and navy Wilton set is a great deal and looks SO good! It’s on my list, so I’m picking it up.

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Stainless Steel 12 Piece Cookware Set

I literally just bought this set of cookware this week and I thought it was a good deal then! I can’t believe it’s an even better deal as part of the Amazon Prime Day deals! Normally I’d have a better picture for you, but can you tell I’m literally running around the house snapping pictures of things I love in the moment? lol! Hopefully you can appreciate that! 🙂

amazon prime day deals


I just went and woke this cutie up. He is asleep in the garage in our favorite pet crate. We actually just folded this crate down to practically nothing and brought it with us to CA in the back of the car. They are the best! Jack has one too. 😉

amazon prime day deals


This is the faucet we bought for the OC Ranch Reno. I LOVE it. It’s sleek and pretty…and smart. It comes in many different finishes so hopefully it will work for your kitchen too!

Amazon Prime Day Deals Img 8031 2

A few more things worth checking out in home deals…

-If you love pebble ice as much as I do…this countertop pebble ice machine is awesome

This rice cooker gets used weekly in our house. Love it. 

We have these thermostats in the house. They are great for energy efficiency and saving $$ on utility bills. We love that we can control the temperature when we aren’t home. 

I JUST had this fan installed in the OC Ranch Reno last week. I’ll take some pictures soon. It Is GREAT! Quiet and moves a ton of air. 

Alright, there are TONS of awesome tech deals, so I’ll be back with all my favorites. We just converted everything we can in the house to smart products, so I’ll share my favorites that are on sale because there are a ton!

Happy shopping Amazon Prime Day Deals! 🙂



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