Farmer’s Market Wedding at Parker Ranch

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I can’t believe I haven’t shared this here yet!  The newest edition of Mingle Magazine is hitting store shelves as we speak, and this wedding is a feature in the issue!  It was such a fun day with so many special touches. fm 307 The Farmer’s Market theme allowed for arts and crafts, a super laid back vibe, and great food. Fresh produce in every color…radishes, eggplants, kale, lemons, oranges, red peppers…you name it, were brought in to decorate.  Tables were covered in burlap and each was dressed with a handmade table runner each one different from the next.  An eclectic assortment of antique tins and colored vases were set about the tables full of gorgeous arrangements of loose wildflowers.  I hand painted wood berry baskets for each table to hold hand assembled silverware packets. fm 336 fm 337 fm 335 fm 333 fm 329 fm 332 fm 342 fm 61 fm 58 fm 49 Farmer's Market 1 fm 25 fm 20 fm 13 I envisioned the food being much like it is at real markets, with individual stands for people to wander to and from, each serving a specialty item.  Artisan breads with handmade flavored butters and homemade jams in one spot, fresh tossed salads in another.  A farm fresh grilled corn on the cob stand stood across from a booth serving street tacos and sliders.  I designed a produce stand for the occasion, overflowing with fruit of every kind.  It was a gorgeous centerpiece for the rustic location.   The dessert stand had over 1200 handmade cookies, mini pies, lemon and raspberry bars and cupcakes overflowed. FM 317 fm 283 fm 272 fm 26 fm 47 fm 133 fm 288 fm 290 fm 284 In order to incorporate all of the interests and desires of the cute couple, I created lots of different activity centers around the ranch.  At a farm stand guests could “plant a seed of love.”  Small pulp pots and potting soil were provided along with seeds from all different types of vegetables.  They could plant whatever they chose and then mark it with a custom plant marker laser engraved with the bride and grooms names and wedding date, to take home as a fun souvenir.  A quilting booth allowed guests to design and decorate a pre-cut quilt square with well wishes and fun memories.  Each square would then be incorporated into a handmade quilt made by the bride’s mother as a special keepsake for the happy couple.  When the sun went down, a cinema station played a movie of the bride and groom with pictures from their childhoods.  In lieu of a concession stand and to incorporate more of Chelsea’s healthy and vegan lifestyle into the event, I set up a “make your own trail mix” bar with nuts and berries, granola and other treats for guests to create their own mix in custom made bags. fm 244 fm 241 fm 73 fm 120 fm 125 farmer's market wedding 2 When guests weren’t crafting or eating, they were dancing to the live band, making s’mores, or watching a movie of the cute couple’s life over at the outdoor cinema.  The happy couple were sent off with a glow stick tunnel and guests left with custom jars of honey labeled with “love is sweet.” fm 354 fm 358 fm 214 I’m so glad that Chelsea and Dillon were willing to let me share in their special day. Have a great day! tammy

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  1. Everything looks beautiful. I love your creativity and attention to detail. Thanks ft or shearing the photos with your readers. How did you keep any flies or mosquitoes away from the various food stands? Thank you.

    • Thanks so much Ingrid! You know, we are really lucky and don’t have many bugs here in Southern California, so it wasn’t a problem for us. 🙂 Thank goodness! 🙂


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