Interior Design: The Power of Pillows

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Ah, pillows.  These little squares of fluff have so much power to change a space!  If you are feeling like you want a change, there is nothing like updating your space with a few inexpensive pillows to breathe some new life into your room.  One of my favorite things about having neutral furnishings is the ability to change my space almost instantly by bringing in a few new pillows.  I just transformed my living room for the 4th of July by bringing in some reasonably priced, designer pillows from my local HomeGoods. Here’s a look at how the pillows changed my space…

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Afraid to mix it up yourself?  Here are a few tips to get you started…

Looking to Modernize Your Space?

Pillow Positioning: You don’t want to look too stuffy and traditional, so opt for odd numbers.  It’s often more pleasing to the eye to group things in threes or fives…and it looks more modern too!
Shape and size: Think clean lines and geometry here…very modern.  You want squares that range between 18-20 inches across.  They will be perfect to show off your large, geometric prints.
Fabric: Monochromatic color schemes and large geometric prints are great in your modern space.

Do you have a traditional space?

Pillow Positioning: More traditional pillow placement is an even number of pillows set on the ends of the couch.  (2 on each end for example)  If you love symmetry, you’ll be a fan of this positioning.
Shape and size: Obviously this depends largely on the size of your couch.  If you have a giant sofa, look for something in a 22 inch size.  For smaller couches, use an 18-20 inch pillow.  If you’re feeling a little wild, you can throw a circle pillow into the mix. A 20 inch square combined with a 16 inch circle on each end is a nice combination.
Fabric Choices:  This is where you can have some fun!  Keeping your pillow placement simple, allows for you to have a little fun with the colors and textures of your fabric.  Mix florals with stripes, plaids and polka dots.  The possibilities are endless.

Feeling an Eclectic, Artsy Vibe?

Pillow Positioning: Odd numbers are again your friend.  Symmetry would ruin the eclectic nature of your space.   Work with 3 or 5 pillows, placing two on one end and one on the other, etc.  They pillows will look like they ended up there randomly instead of being carefully placed together.
Shape and size: Because you are going to go a little wild with colors and fabrics, it’s best to stick with a common size and shape.  18 inches works well here to showcase all the different prints you’ll collect.
Fabric Choices: This is where it gets fun.  You want things to look like they just “happened” but you really control that very “eclectic” look.  The key is mixing fabrics…but keeping at least one or two colors in common, so that it they are tied together somehow.

I hope these tips help you to experiment with pillows and see just how amazing they are!

Have a great day!

I have been sponsored by HomeGoods to write this sponsored post. What does that mean?  The sponsor, in this case HomeGoods, has given me product in exchange for me purchasing items and styling them to showcase just how awesome they are.  All products featured are items I am truly a fan of…places that I would shop, eat, and visit regardless of my affiliations with them.   Thanks to the support of these sponsors, I am able to do what I love, and continue to share my tips and ideas with you! 


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  1. Throw pillows can be JUST the transformation a room needs. I was totally inspired from your pillow post and decided to give my family room a little “summer spruce” Check it out at

    Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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