Interior Design: Great Design in Small Spaces

interior design ideas with acrylic furniture

Remember that fabulous find I had a HomeGoods just a bit ago…the acrylic table in the bathroom department?  Well, I told you I was going to play with it and so I did.  I set it up originally as a bar cart, but now it may have found a new home. 🙂

great design in small spaces

We don’t have a large home, it’s very functional, and I love it, but it’s not very big.  Each of the rooms is required to be multi-functional and there isn’t space for large furniture.  I have this tight little corner in the living room at the front of the house that is home to a collection of “stuff.”  Everything that doesn’t have a home, finds it’s way to this little corner on the other side of the living room couch.  I’ve been thinking for a long time that the way to solve the junk collection problem is to decorate that corner, but, like I said it is pretty tiny and finding something that works there has proven to be tricky.  Well, I think this little acrylic table may be just the answer!

great design in small spaces

The see-through table is very petite, and because it’s clear there is no visual weight to the piece, so it doesn’t overwhelm the tiny corner.  I styled it with a few items to help anchor it a bit, using different colors and textures like I have talked about before.  I haven’t even put anything there before because I was always afraid it would overwhelm the space and draw attention to the weird corner making it look smaller.  It has had just the opposite effect.  Don’t be afraid to try decorating those small nooks and crannies in your home.  You may be surprised just how much you love the results.

Happy decorating!



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