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Have you started yet? Christmas shopping that is?!  Well, if you’re counting, there are exactly 45 days until Christmas, and that means we better get our shopping on!  Since today is Travel Tuesday, I thought I’d let you know about my favorite products and the best travel books for the traveler on your list.  When it came to packing our family up for 3 months in Europe this past summer, I had to be VERY selective about what we were packing and make sure that it would be durable, since we’d be dragging it through 24 cities.  I definitely found some winners and losers in the travel gear department through that experience, so over the next few weeks I’ll share my list of the best of the best here, by category, gifts that are sure to delight the traveler or dreamer on your list this year.  Let’s start where any good trip starts, with the planning.  Here are my favorites in the Travel Guide dept.

the best gifts for travelers travel guides and books

Travel Guides:

I love travel guides.  Without even going anywhere, they are able to transport you to places around the world, teach you about the history and culture of a city or country, get you excited about the food, the sights and people you will meet one you’re there.  Rick Steves is the best of the best if you are heading to Europe.  After purchasing several different brands of books, we ended up using these travel bibles throughout our trip. They are full of great tips and experiences that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about. (click on any image for more info) These are the best travel books around.

I purchased these Not For Parents books for our kids and they were great!  They were fun for them to read and it was great that they were able to chime in with interesting facts about places we visited.

I always like to buy a travel guide for my own city, and they are great gifts to give.  It’s a great way to find new experiences and places to explore right where you live.  They make great gifts for travel enthusiasts or anyone!  Here are a few of my faves:

For the Foodie:

City Guides:

For Kids: These books are so fun. John mailed these to my neice whil we were visiting cities. She read them an then sent us a list of questions she had and things she was interested in seeing in real life…we would then text her pictures of those things from each city we visited. For example, when she read the “This is Paris” book, it talked about cats in the restaurants in Paris. She couldn’t believe it. So, sure enough, while walking through the streets of Paris we found cats lying on window sills in restaruants, so we took pictures and sent them to her. It was a great way for us to share our travels with her.

A few other fun book that make great gifts:

The 36 hours series is AWESOME!! Not only are the books fun colors and fabric covered, but they are interesting reads, taken from years of the New York Times travel column.

Whew! well, this is a pretty exhaustive list, but I own 95% of these books and love them, so I’m pretty sure your loved ones will too! 🙂

Have a great day!


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