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Late last night I heard about a contest and decided on a whim to enter.  I’m not typically a dreamer in the sense that entering contests usually doesn’t appeal to me, but for some reason…maybe the fact that it was very late and I wasn’t in my right mind 😉 spoke to me.   The “Design the Good” t-shirt contest is designed to help design a graphic T that empowers and inspires girls for good! The best part? Every vote is a win because it represents money for charity. Ten cents is donated for each vote that is cast.  That has the potential to be thousands if we can spread the news!  As the mom of a little girl, I was inspired to create this t-shirt design because I see the difference a bit of confidence makes in Ash’s life when she decides to try some on for size. I think that too often as girls we struggle with our self worth…especially in this age of social media.  We are constantly bombarded with perfect images of seemingly perfect outfits, perfect hair, perfect homes, perfect bodies, etc., and often that makes us feel less than.  I hope that this shirt gets made, and that when you wear it, it reminds you to walk a little taller and feel a little stronger. I hope it reminds you that confidence is always cool, always in style, and always your best accessory.  Enter your own design and cast your vote over at Design The Good. Here’s a link to my t-shirt design:

Confidence T-shirt

I’d love your vote!💗 Thank you!
Have a great day!



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