Kids Bathroom Design Ideas: Kid’s Bathroom Makeover Reveal

I am so excited to finally reveal the kid’s bathroom design ideas and completed project today!  There are so many rooms in this house that are 80% of the way there and have just taken me forever to get that last 20% done!  The kid’s bathroom is definitely one of them.  I never go in there, so getting it finished has not been a huge priority.  It’s usually a gigantic mess too…so that doesn’t help.  Let’s face it.  The kids are not the cleanest people on the planet. 😉 With Andy gone at a camp it cut the mess in half, so I took the chance and dove in to get it finished. 🙂 Affiliate links are included in this post. 

Kids bathroom design

Even though I don’t hang out in this bathroom very often, it’s actually one of my favorite spots in the house because I feel like it has tons of character.  I played it pretty safe…well actually REALLY safe in this house when I remodeled it.  We bought it knowing we wouldn’t be staying here long term…which meant I had resale on the brain as I designed it.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t make too many personal design specific choices. I went with choices that are a little more on the vanilla side so that hopefully, when a buyer does walk through it, they can envision themselves living here and not be turned off by wild design choices.  Don’t get me wrong…I did have some fun, like the navy wainscoting on the pantry etc…but those are easy changes if needs be. 

Kid's Bathroom Design Ideas

In the kid’s bathroom design I decided to have a little more fun.  I decided to paint the cabinets in their bathroom the same navy as the kitchen island, and I love it.  We kept the countertops consistent throughout the house because we had to buy enough slabs for other places in the house, it made sense to just use the leftovers for additional countertops.  So, it mimics the look of the island with the white and gray countertops and the blue cabinets.  I love the look of a full tile backsplash, and white subway tile was an easy choice to run up the rest of the wall behind the sink.  

Kid's Bathroom Design Ideas

The remodel costs were skyrocketing WAY beyond what we originally intended to spend, (don’t let the numbers on HGTV fool you!) so when it came to tile and finishes I was on a pretty strict budget, which meant finding creative ways to use inexpensive products.  The floor tile was a great find at Home Depot.  It’s a 12×24 light gray tile with just a hint of a pattern to it.  It almost looks like it’s wire brushed.  It worked well with the gray and white countertops and blue cabinets, and kept us on budget. 😉

Kid's Bathroom Design Ideas

The kid’s bathroom shower design is where I went a little crazy.  Using a navy subway tile, my tile contractor and I created a stripe effect by combining two rows of white subway tile, then two rows of navy. I am obsessed with how it turned out.  I think it is so fun to walk in there and get an unexpected pop of pattern and color in an otherwise white space.  

Kid's Bathroom Design Ideas

Utilizing the former laundry room walk in closet as the new vanity space in the kid’s bathroom design, widened the bathroom because we now had the new niche for a double vanity, and the old niche where the old sink and vanity area had been. I couldn’t just leave that big area open and empty where I removed the old sink, so I decided to add a built in bench, with storage for baskets below, towels hooks and a shelf above for more storage as well as just a cute design feature that dressed up the bathroom a bit. 

Kid's Bathroom Design Ideas

I added a cute and inexpensive pre-made navy and white striped outdoor cushion to the bench, and some fun navy blue and white striped towels to the hooks to bring in more color.  I’ll eventually get a custom bench cushion made, but this one works for the time being.  These wire baskets were the perfect fit for the shelf above.  At first I considered spray painting them navy blue to bring in even more color and contrast since they are sitting on a white shelf, but ultimately I decided I like them white and how they blend in.  Since we have the baskets down below that really stand out, something more muted on the shelf was a better design choice. 

Kid's Bathroom Design Ideas

I went with classic chrome fixtures throughout the house, with the exception of the laundry room sink, as a budget saver.  I used satin knobs and pulls, and I was only able to find the lights I wanted in a satin finish as well, so I used a satin finish on the mirror to tie it all in.  Mixing the chrome and the satin is no problem.  

Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

The rug in this sink area is really soft underfoot, especially with the addition of this rug pad, and keeps feet from getting too cold against the tile..especially in the winter!  I love the natural jute in the baskets, rug and tray to warm up the space and add texture.  The greenery and amber color soap dispensers help warm things up too. 

So there you have it.  The kid’s bathroom design all wrapped up and completed!! Woohoo!  I had to take pictures just so that I can remember it this clean. 😉

You can shop all of the products from this bathroom remodel here, and be sure to come join me over on RewardStyle too where I try to keep updated posts of everything I am using the decorate the house.



Cabinets: Salty Dog by Sherwin Williams

Walls: Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams at 25%

Trim, Ceiling and Built In: High Reflective White by Sherwin Williams

Doors: Repose Gray (at 100%) by Sherwin Williams

Thanks for visiting the blog!  I’ll be back next week with the before and after construction images of this room.  Be sure to come see those! 🙂 You can find our most up to date home tour here, and all the posts on our remodel here

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Kids bathroom design ideas

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