Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks – My Favorites

Have you heard?  The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is in full swing. 😉 Just kidding…unless you have been hiding under a rock, I’m sure you know all about it.  I know that for some of you, these posts can get overwhelming and sometimes downright annoying.  I promise I am not trying to be that girl…I get many many emails and requests for these posts, so if you don’t want to know about it…just hide your eyes and be ready next week for more posts on travel and home decor! 😉

best Nordstrom anniversary sale picks

I mixed many of these favorites in on the last post about my Nordstrom Anniversary sale strategies, but I thought I would do a dedicated post on the best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale pick – my favorites at least, so they are easier to find here.  I hope that is a help to reference if you need it!  I have more posts coming up next week on favorite home decor, menswear, teens & tweens, and best buys under $100…possibly even a Christmas shopping under $30 guide.  I know, I know…Christmas?  Trust me…it will be here before you know it and how great would it be to already have gift buying done AND for a total steal?


Are you ready for them?  I only get access to these items at the same time you do…so I will be feverishly updating this list as I get a chance to shop! 🙂 What do I go straight to?  Handbags, sweaters, shoes and denim, in that order. Then I shop everything else.  I have found that to be the most effective strategy for me to make sure I don’t miss out on my favorites.  So, here we go by category (hopefully that will make things easier for you to find too!) 🙂


These tees are a staple in our house.  They are super soft and comfy and great for layering.  I have them in many colors.

I love a cute graphic tee and this one is super cute. 

A barefoot dreams top?  Sign me up.  So soft and cozy.

My other picks for favorite tops:



This overnighter is a total steal.  I love the buttery leather look of it, without the buttery leather price! 😉 The camel is the one I’m getting.  

This camel tote and this cool blue leather one with a suede stripe are my favorite totes .  Very affordable but looks much more expensive.

I always love to scoop up a designer bag at this sale.  To get a brand new, in season bag for a super low price is the best deal! This is the one I’m grabbing this year


The color combo and color blocking on this sweater are SO cute for fall.  It’s the first one that went in my cart. It’s $64.90 now, $98 after the sale.  

I’m also picking up this cute striped one.  Love the collegiate look.

This cardigan is like wearing a snuggly blanket.  I own a few of them in different colors, and I love that this year they have the circle cardigan andthis straight cut one in a few different colors.  I am picking up the charcoal.  These SELL OUT FAST!!!  Get it for 76.90 now instead of $116 after the sale… this is a great deal!


I’m a sucker for snakeskin and leopard print (totally a neutral in my book!) and there are tons of options to pick up some super cute shoes this season.  I don’t wear heels often, but I LOVE this pair

These are my pick for sneakers this fall.  I wear through mine on a regular basis so I am always in need of a new pair.

Booties are a go-to for me now that I am living in a colder climate during the winters.  I need a waterproof pair or two and I’m picking these up for me and Ash.  We have worn our other pairs out.  Ash wears them to school almost everyday in the winter. They are comfy and weatherproof.


We are jeans people…we wear them pretty much everyday in our house no matter the season, so I am always on the hunt for a great pair of denim.  Now that Ash is in women’s sizes too it makes it fun to shop for both of us.  There’s no doubt that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the best places to find some new jeans.  Here are our favorites this season:

I am obsessed with distressed jeans and I love the hem on these.  Just the perfect amount of distressing…they are so cute. 

I can’t stand to spend a fortune on jeans….especially for Ash who hasn’t stopped growing yet. These are $41 during the sale and she loves them.  We also got this pair.

Wit and Wisdom knows what they are doing when it comes to denim in my opinion.  Comfy, affordable and holds you in in all the right places.  Love this pair of jeans

A few more of my favorite picks:



John and I have committed to be a lot healthier lately making a much better effort to eat better and exercise more.  So I guess that means I can actually use the drawer I have dedicated to activewear and buy some new fun pieces since I’m sporting them much more often these days. 😉

Here are my favorite picks.  I admittedly don’t love leggings on myself…I want to hide whatever I can…;) but these are pretty awesome.  And the pocket for holding your phone is a must.


I have been waiting for this sale to buy some new sunglasses.  I am notorious for scratching them…they always fall off my head and land straight on the lenses. 😉 So, every year I grab a couple of new pairs on sale.  And every year it’s for sure a tortoise shell, an aviator and a great black pair.  The really round ones don’t look great with my face shape, so here are my picks. 

This is the winning pair of tortoise shell this year.  I love the shape. 

I remember as a kid thinking my dad’s aviators were too cool.  Now I love wearing a pair and these are my pick from the sale

I’m having these ready for in-store pick up so I can take them on vacation.

A few other favorite sunglasses:

Plaid scarves WILL sell out.  They do every year, and this year there are fewer available for some reason, guaranteeing that they will disappear faster.  Here are the couple that I like: (the first one is my fave)

I always pick up at least a few pairs of earrings and a necklace at this sale.  My favorite Gorjana jewelry is part of the sale this year.  I am for sure getting this necklaceThese earrings are super cool.

A few more of my favorite pieces:





Happy shopping!


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