Pasta to Go Venice, Italy : Eating in Venice on a Budget

I like nice restaurants as much as the next guy, but sometimes when you are traveling…especially with kids and a family, you just want some good cheap street food or a hearty meal that is delicious and doesn’t break the bank.  Eating in Venice on a budget can be a bit of a challenge since it’s such a hot tourist destination, but our favorite pasta to go Venice has become a must eat food in Venice every time we visit.  Sometimes on more than one occasion!

Fresh pasta to go venice italy


In my opinion, pasta to go pretty much equals perfection.   A steamy mound of fresh noodles and tomato sauce topped with fresh basil, all in a handy little take out box and ready to eat.  The concept is much like an In-n-Out…with no drive through.  The menu is short and sweet with only a few classic items to choose from and the line is long.  At the register you place your order and then wait for your fresh pasta to be prepared just the way you like it, and your number to be called so you can enjoy your delicious pasta to go, Venice style. These little shops are no frills and busy!  Be prepared to stand in a long line to order and when it’s your turn to order be prepared with what everyone in your party wants.  There is no where to sit once your food is ready, hence the “to-go” and notices posted around one location in particular, warned that it was against the law in Venice for those that had purchased fresh pasta to go from sitting and loitering around the outside of the building.  So be prepared to take your pasta in it’s neat little to-go container (much like a Chinese Take Out box) and go for a stroll.  You can see the warnings posted loud and clear in Dal Moro below.

Fresh pasta to go venice


There are a few pasta to go locations on the main island.  Two of the most popular are We Love Italy Fresh Pasta to Go Venice and Dal Morro’s Pasta to Go Venice. 

Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta to Go is located at:

-Calle De La Casseleria, 5324 Castello, Venezia, Italia

We Love Italy Fresh Pasta to Go has two Venice locations: 

-Calle del Forno 2975 
Campo Santa Margherita

-Calle dell’orso 5529 
Campo San Bartolomeo 
Ponte di Rialto

Pasta to go venice


Both We Love Italy Fresh Pasta to Go Venice and Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta to Go Venice offer several different types of noodles and sauces to choose from.  Choices available include fresh pasta shapes like Fusilli, Linguine, Spaghetti and Gnocchi.  Pasta to Go sauce choices range from the normal Pomodoro and Pesto to the unusual like Duck and Nero di Seppia (a fish sauce).  

Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta to Go Venice offers you the opportunity to “top” your pasta with items like Mozarella, Paremsan, Bacon, Chicken, Mushrooms and more for an additional fee.  

We Love Italy has a few more menu items including sandwiches, pizza and salads in case someone in your party is not a pasta lover…if there are any people like that that actually exist. 😉

Both restaurants offer bottled sodas and drinks as well.

Fresh pasta to go


If you weren’t already hungry enough reading about all this amazing pasta to go, the prices will make you want it even more!  Menu items at both restaurants stick right around the €5-8 price.  Yes, your eyes do not deceive you!  Fresh, hot and delicious pasta to go in Venice for as little as €5!!!  Amazing, right?  

I am not kidding when I say eating fresh pasta to go Venice is one of our favorite meals in town.  We Love Italy just recently opened it’s first US location in NY, and I am patiently waiting for a few more locations to head west! 😉  

What are your favorite tips for eating in Venice on a budget?  Do you have any other delicious places I need to know about? I’d love to hear about them!

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Fresh pasta to go venice italy with text

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