FunPix at Knott’s Berry Farm : Capture Your Family Travel Memories

It’s no secret that I am a picture fanatic!  I usually have at least two cameras with me at all times and try to capture as many of our family’s adventures and as much of every day life as I possibly can.  I am a memory maker! Last week we were invited to visit Knott’s Berry Farm and try out their new FunPix card.  What a fun way to spend a beautiful Spring Break day!


My camera is usually in overdrive whenever we are spending a fun day together as a family, but this trip to Knott’s was such a treat because with the new FunPix card, I actually got to be in the pictures.  There is now proof that I am a member of the family! 😉


Andy is the daredevil in our house.  He wanted to ride every big ride he possibly could.  Needless to say, his favorite part of the FunPix card was getting to capture his adventures on film with pictures of himself on all of his favorite Knott’s rides.  



FunPix is a new program that Knott’s has made available to all park visitors to make capturing and sharing fun memories easier than ever before.  Knott’s Berry Farm photographers are located throughout the park to take pictures of your family with characters, at the park entrance, on our favorite rides and throughout the park at specially designated FunPix spots.  A map on the Knott’s Berry Farm App helps you to identify where to purchase and pick up your card.



Download the Knott’s Berry Farm app on your mobile device and it will automatically collect your FunPix photos from your visit.   Each time you have your picture taken by a Knott’s Berry Farm photographer, hand them your FunPix card before getting your picture taken.  They will snap a picture of the QR code on your card before they take your pictures.  In a matter of a few minutes, you will see the photos show up on your FunPix account and they will be available for you to download and share.  To collect your ride photos, simply present your FunPix card at each of the rides photo kiosks as you are exiting and choose your photo.  There you will also be given the opportunity to purchase additional fun photo products.  Currently, ride photos are available at the following rides: Timber Mountain Log Ride, Pony Express, Silver Bullet, and Xcelerator.




FunPix is available both as a Single Day Digital Photo Pass and for Knott’s Season Pass Holders.   The Single Day pass is $29.99 plus tax and allows you to download your images as many times as you want for 30 days.  The Single Day pass also includes discounts on prints and souvenir pictures available for purchase during your day at the park.  

The All Season Digital Photo Pass is available for all Knott’s Berry Farm Season Passholders for only $39.99 plus tax.  What a great add-on option to your pass!  It includes unlimited photo downloads for the year that your pass is valid and also includes the same discounts on prints and photo souvenirs all year long.  You can purchase either option right from the Knott’s Berry Farm App which is so convenient!



It was so fun to be able to download our pictures and share them with our friends and family during our visit to the park so they could see all the fun we were having.  I shared lots of our fun on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  If you are spending the day at Knott’s with your family or a group, the FunPix card is a great way to capture those memories with everyone.  With the unlimited download option, it allows you to purchase the card as a group and share the images with the entire group.  If you are a Knott’s Season Passholder, adding the FunPix card to your pass is the best deal in town!  You can collect a year’s worth of memories for only $39.99!

We had such a fun time visiting the park and I love having those memories captured on film.  Enjoy your visit to Knott’s Berry Farm!

Happy Travels!


I was invited by Knott’s Berry Farm to visit the park and learn about the FunPix card.  I received complimentary media passes to the park to try out the FunPix card and share my experiences in this post.  All thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own.

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